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A pioneering company who are a world leader in providing moving walks, elevators & escalators, benefits from working with CHG-MERIDIAN

The Requirement

The customer required a partner who could support the supply of 3,000 iPhone 6S 128GB and then provide the rollout to the employees. Furthermore, the customer required a provider who could grant customer support and a replacement device next business day.

The Product

The current product that the customer is taking advantage of is the new Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS). This product provides the customer with a monthly global cost per device, including the iPhone, together with the full-service package.

The Solution

The customer needed a global provider who could support the rollout of the iPhone’s in addition to the entire service package. The fact that CHG could offer a fixed rental over 24 months which included the cost of services as well as being able to offer operational flexibility played a key role in securing the business.

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Danny Persaud

Head of Sales Corporate

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