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Building a Partnership

“CHG-MERIDIAN are a key strategic partner of ours, which has spanned for over 5 years. They provide us with flexible and innovative financial solutions in support of our business needs. They provide good account management with a focus on customer care”
EMEA Strategic Sourcing, Marketing and Advertising Sector

Eastbourne District General Hospital

“The machinery would usually cost in excess of £2 million and would have taken several years to raise the funds. It is exceedingly good news for future patients who will benefit from minimally invasive surgery with less pain and quicker recovery times. As of now, the robot has been in use for nearly 6 months and a substantial number of patients have seen the benefits of it. CHG-MERIDIAN’s help has been greatly appreciated and we could not have achieved the success that we have without their assistance”
Friends Chairman, Eastbourne District General Hospital
"The urology department is very excited by this exceptional donation. It will allow shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery & better cancer outcomes. I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has helped with this project. This is a massive development for the surgeons, the hospital & the patients. I know how much effort everyone has made & I cannot believe the speed things have happened. It just shows what can be done when the right people are determined to achieve something."
Consultant Urologist, Eastbourne District General Hospital

Digital Revolution

“We were looking for a way of introducing iPad technology into the school. Our goal was to put our students at the forefront of the digital revolution: engaging, challenging and motivating them to explore new ways of learning both in and out of the classroom. Of course, finance and cash flow is always an issue for us being a school relying on Government funding, so we needed to explore different avenues of finance. CHG helped us unlock the various leasing options available to schools and provided us with assistance at every stage of the process. Through this leasing option, they have helped us roll out this iPad program throughout the whole school and we look forward to working with them on new projects in the future.”
Finance Director, Academy Trust

Free up capital

“CHG-MERIDIAN’s sale and leaseback solution allowed us to free up a significant amount of capital across multiple equipment modality types.”
Director of Finance, NHS Trust

Complete Transparency

"All equipment ordered through the leasing scheme is logged and monitored using the TESMA® asset tracking system. This enables us to have instant access to a comprehensive database of assets procured via leasing and can be broken down on a school by school basis. In addition, we use the reporting tool to manage cross-charging of assets across multiple schools under the Council’s control. With all data entered into the system by CHG-MERIDIAN, the council get maximum benefit from the system without the need to input additional information."
e-Learning Manager, Regional IT Programme, Public Sector

Efficient reporting

“TESMA® provides our team with the capability to produce
reporting that would typically take up to two man-days every
quarter. This can now be achieved in within minutes.”
Accounts Team Leader, Pharmaceutical Sector

Establishing a relationship

“For us, our IT provision is a large and continually rolling project; we constantly need to review the products, suppliers and replacement cycles of every piece of equipment. We source equipment through tendering and we market test for our provision of finance. For almost a decade we have developed our relationship with CHG and they have become our primary finance provider. We need to make the right financial decisions, and when you are in an established relationship you can hold sensible discussions and obtain the flexibility we feel is important to us. In our dealings with CHG, we have never been stung by a cost at the end of the term, despite the heavy use of our equipment. We are very busy with contracts around May/June time. CHG recognise and respond to the extra attention the College needs during this period. You don’t always get that with a service relationship!”
Deputy Principal, Further Education Institution

Effective budget management

“CHG-MERIDIAN’s bespoke solutions enabled us to manage our budget more effectively.”
Head of Procurement, NHS Trust

Refreshing made simple

"We needed to introduce a programme of upgrading our IT estate and leasing through CHG-MERIDIAN enabled us to achieve this over a number of years. By leasing the equipment, we were able to spread the cost over 3 years which meant we were able to buy more equipment than if we had to pay for it all up-front. Leasing also enabled us to put in a 3-year replacement programme and budgeting for equipment refreshes became much easier. The team at CHG have always provided an excellent service from obtaining initial quotes right through to collecting equipment at the end of the lease.”
Systems Manager, Grammar School

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