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Man presenting on a TV screen in a modern office
What is a digital workplace?

The digital workplace of today and tomorrow

As digital technology expands across everyday business operations, we explore how the digital workplace looks today and what it will be tomorrow.

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Two men in a modern office shaking hands
What is a finance lease?

How the finance lease powers the modern business

How can an enterprise grow to its full potential despite the costs? A finance lease provides the solution for many modern businesses.

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man with headphones on looking at a computer screen at home

A digital workplace is more than just a laptop

The coronavirus crisis has temporarily transported the world of work into its digital future – with no warning and leaving little choice in the matter. It has made the idea of the digital workplace more tangible for IT decision-makers while exposing areas where there is still room for improvement.

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woman in a blue coat in a city centre on the phone
What is a 5G network?

5G network: How you can benefit

5G is being rolled out across the world. Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about 5G and how you can benefit from it.

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two women and one man in a white office environment with a desktop PC
Cloud Computing

What are the security risks of cloud computing?

More and more companies are recognising the many benefits offered by cloud computing. However, cloud computing is not without its risks. There are a number of security risks associated with cloud computing, but these can all be mitigated with the right protocols and approach.

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Woman in a yellow jumper on a laptop with a coffee mug in hand
Remote working at CHG-MERIDIAN

Remote working made simple: The mindset factor

There is growing pressure to roll out digital workplace strategies. The technologies and processes deployed are often state-of-the-art, yet performance and employee productivity still lag behind. Here we highlight the key role that employees play in any digitalisation strategy.

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Man working from home with a laptop with headphones on
Remote working at CHG-MERIDIAN

Remote working made simple: The platform factor

Data platforms allow us to organise and structure the flood of digital information in a sensible way when working remotely. They also enable us to work in virtual teams across borders, from anywhere. Find out here what data platforms are all about.

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close up of a person holding a tablet
Circular Economy

Circular Economy makes sustainability commercially viable

Buy, use, throw away – today’s consumer behaviour wastes huge amounts of resources and damages the environment. This is particularly true for IT equipment, where devices are replaced that are still working fine but are no longer state-of-the-art.

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person at a desk on a laptop with a smartphone on the table
Digital Workplace

Device as a Service: Is it time to consider leasing instead of buying?

Cloud infrastructure, platforms, and software can already be acquired as a service, so why not the entire suite of workplace technology? Discover the benefits that Device as a Service (DaaS) can have for your company.

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Two men in suits talking to eachother
Financial solutions

Finance lease vs operating lease

There are multiple options available for an organisation when looking to procure IT equipment. Two of the most common financing options are a finance lease and an operating lease. Here we look at some of the key differences between the two.

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desk with a smartphone, keyboard, coffee mug, apple watch and laptop on
How the digital workplace works

Digital workplaces for digital employees

Smartphones, laptops and smart speakers have already become the norm at home. Yet many people find themselves stuck in an out of date world at work, even though setting up a digital workplace is not that difficult.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things success stories

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way many businesses operate, providing smart and efficient solutions. Saving time and money across a broad range of industries, it’s no surprise many businesses are adopting IoT technology to access its benefits and incredible potential.

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man and woman sitting on a sofa with a young girl and a tablet
Education Technology

How to keep your students engaged and learning during lockdown

We interviewed Jo Maule, E-Learning Manager at Talbot Heath School, to find out how technology hardware and software has helped them to carry on providing their students with a valuable education during lockdown.

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people in an airport on tablets and smartphones
Digital Workplace

Benefits of digital communications

Digital communication in the workplace has become common practice in the current climate. It’s difficult for any business to fully prepare for a situation like the one we’re in right now, but if they didn’t already realise the importance of the digital tools at their disposal, they do now.

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women in a coffee shop and a smartphone with a laptop
Digital Workplace

Creating a digital workplace

Embracing the digital transformation is essential when it comes to creating a workplace that empowers your employees and boosts efficiency. The more focus you place on having high-quality technology within your business, the stronger your digital workplace will be and the better your employees will perform.

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two men in a room, one on a laptop the other on a video conference call on a tv
Digital Workplace

There is more to the digital workplace than IT equipment

The digital transformation is set to make the workplace more productive and flexible. But what does a digital workplace need to fulfil these expectations? Five IT experts talk about the various challenges they are facing and the strategies they are relying on to meet them.

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Man in a shirt sitting at a desk working on a laptop with headphones on
Mobile working at CHG-MERIDIAN

Remote working made simple: The technology factor

The digital workplace is a vital component of any digital transformation strategy. When implementing the digital workplace, the technology that is made available to employees will have a significant role to play to ensure its success.

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close up of people on laptops with a screen in the background
From products to services

The importance of services within your digital workplace solution

Device as a Service, Software as a Service, Storage as a Service, and now even Anything as a Service. Just about everything is available as a service today, here we take a look at the vital role of services within your digital workplace solution.

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Laptop, smartphone, coffee mug and headphones on a table outside
A real-world example

The digital workplace at CHG-MERIDIAN UK

Mobile working is right on trend. But what do you need to do so that your employees can work remotely without any problems? Read on to find out how CHG-MERIDIAN implemented the digital workplace, and what elements were key to this.

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Digital Workplace

Invest in technology without breaking the budget

The digital transformation of business makes innovative payment models such as pay-per-use possible. By relying on a payment method that is based on actual usage, companies can avoid high capital expenditure on IT equipment or on installing and running IT solutions.

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Digital Workplace

Optimal design and management of the digital workplace

Today, employees expect their employer to provide a modern digital workplace that is equipped with the latest technology, and allows them to work from anywhere. Management need to work hand in hand if companies are to benefit from the digital workplace too.

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man in a suit walking through a city on a mobile phone
Digital Workplace

Escape the total cost of ownership (TCO) trap

Whether an IT estate pays for itself or not depends on more than the acquisition cost. We highlight the costs that are often overlooked and show you how to work out the correct total cost of ownership.

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image of a davinci robot in a hospital

A guide to AI in healthcare

AI is revolutionising medical industries across the globe, offering the potential to improve everything from daily admin tasks to the creation of new drugs. In the age of technology, digitalisation is evolving a whole host of industries, and healthcare is set to continue the integration of AI to support crucial advancements.

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man and woman in a data centre
Pros & Cons of Cloud Computing

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing

Cloud computing has completely changed the way in which many businesses work day-to-day. Helping to improve workflows, free up physical and digital server storage space and make for a more efficient and flexible way of working.

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doctors looking at x-ray
AI in healthcare

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way the healthcare industry operates, helping to improve everything from routine tasks to data management and drug creation.

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Man in suit presenting in-front of a screen
The digital workplace

The digital workplace is crucial to any digital strategy

Successful digital transformation requires more than innovative, technology-based offerings and solutions. Oliver Schorer, CIO at CHG-MERIDIAN, talks to us about the digital workplace and its benefits.

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man sitting down working on a laptop
Strategies for the workplace of the future

6 Steps you need to take in order to make the digital workplace a reality

It is difficult to imagine digital transformation without state-of-the-art workplaces and remote working concepts. We highlight 6 steps you can take to make the digital workplace a reality.

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two men in suits walking along Sydney Harbour
Continuing the international growth strategy

CHG-MERIDIAN launches in the ANZ region

CHG-MERIDIAN has officially launched a local entity in the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region, reflecting another important milestone in the implementation of the company’s international growth strategy.

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people sitting down in an office with a field in the background

The foundations of the circular economy in our business model

In 2019 the spotlight was firmly on environmentally friendly practices, and how we, as individuals, can reduce our carbon footprint. To really make a difference though we need large corporations to make a stand and pledge to encourage sustainable business and the circular economy.

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microsoft surface book on table

RIP Windows 7 - how to avoid this situation in future

Research has found that 96% of the UK’s FTSE 100 and 250 companies are still running legacy applications on the old Windows 7 OS. Here we take a look at how you can avoid this situation in future, and ensure your IT estate remains up-to-date.

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Industrial Technology

IntraLogisteX 2020

IntraLogisteX is an unmissable show featuring the latest and best in intralogistics. The show is packed with everything you'll need to improve your productivity, safety, maximise space and cut costs.

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woman carrying a large jerry can full of water while walking down a street

Corporate social responsibility in 2019 at CHG-MERIDIAN

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is firmly engrained in CHG-MERIDIAN's company culture. As a family orientated business, we look to take on new CSR projects every year that help to benefit our society and bring our team closer together.

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Man in a suit looking out of a window

Growth strategies for professional service firms

If you want your business to operate efficiently and develop, you need to have a growth strategy in place that has been skilfully thought out alongside a viable business plan.

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man in a store looking at a TV

What is retail technology?

Technology continues to evolve and grow every day, whether that be the way in which we communicate with each other, travel, shop and even live in our own homes.

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man in a suit walking through a city on a mobile phone

How will technology impact law firms?

With the constant evolution in the world of technology, many industries are feeling the impact of change and the need to keep up with tech trends.

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City of Ghent Belgium

EAHM 2019

EAHM is the 28th European Congress for Hospital Managers, hosted in Ghent, Belgium. The event serves to unite healthcare leaders and professionals from all over Europe, to educate them about innovative new technology that is available to the healthcare sector.

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material handling equipment in a warehouse
Industrial Technology

IMHX 2019

IMHX is the UK’s largest logistics exhibition and acts as a meeting place for those involved in the handling, movement or transportation of goods throughout the supply chain to come together and do business.

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man holding a tablet

Unlock the value of your existing IT equipment with sale and leaseback

Have you tied up all your budget in ageing IT hardware? Our sale and leaseback programme is a simple financial solution, which allows you to raise cash by selling your existing equipment to CHG. Unlock the equity that’s hiding in your existing IT estate today.

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conference room with table and chairs in

TESMA® FAQ's for local authorities and government departments

Here we answer some of the common questions we receive from local authorities and government departments regarding our in-house asset and contract management system, TESMA®.

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people walking down high street

5 Technologies set to impact the retail sector in 2019 and beyond

To compete with the recent rise in online sales traditional bricks and mortar shops are having to explore new innovations and ideas to maintain a strong physical presence. Here we take a look at 5 retail technologies that are set to impact the future of the sector.

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women on a computer

Technology investment without breaking the bank

Technology investment is often associated with high up-front costs and inherent risk. However, we argue that by embracing digitalisation, local authorities and government departments can reduce costs and improve productivity.

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people walking around in a shopping centre

Is the high street really dying or just changing?

In a world seemingly dominated by Amazon and having seen multiple retailers already fall by the wayside, with many more struggling to remain profitable. It raises the question, is the high street really dying?

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graduation students throwing hats in the air

3 Technology types that will impact higher education in 2019

The learning environment is a different place now to the one it was 20 years ago. Technology is now an integral part of the educational process for both students and staff. IT Research firm Gartner recently identified the top 10 technologies that will impact higher education in 2019. Here we take a closer look at 3 of those technology types.

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doctors and nurses in a hospital

Embracing the digital transformation for greater financial clarity and lower total cost of ownership

Our Global Healthcare Business Development Manager, Andrew Hockenhull discusses how hospitals can improve their patient care, while also lowering costs by embracing new technology and the digital transformation.

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group huddle with their hands in

Employees get involved to raise money for Comic Relief

Through the CARE initiative, CHG-MERIDIAN employees continue to make a difference. Contributing to society has long been important for the family-owned group, and we continue to fulfil that tradition.

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iPhone X in box

Shaping the future of mobile technology

2019 is set to be another year where mobile technology continues to break boundaries. We take a quick look into some of the trends you can expect to see.

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person holding a mobile phone

Why the mobile 'tech fund' is no longer ideal for procuring mobile devices

Mobile phone technology has significantly improved in recent years, but many businesses remain locked into an outdated procurement strategy.

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man pushing healthcare beds

Why digitalisation is important to the healthcare industry

From retail to healthcare, people expect more from their experience as both a customer and a patient due to modern technological advancements.

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close up of microsoft windows tablet

What should you do if your organisation is still running Windows 7?

With support for Microsoft’s Windows 7 coming to an end on the 14th January 2020, time is running out for the popular legacy operating system.

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man scanning boxes with a tablet

How seamless asset management benefits your business

Asset management is a way of managing, tracking and maintaining fixed or movable assets for a business, whether that’s physical equipment or digital software and data.

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business desks and computers

The benefits of using a device as a service solution

The Device as a Service (DaaS) model is a trend that is being embraced by many businesses to transform their workplaces, improving productivity, efficiency and saving money in the process.

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Train Station, Digital Signage

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a form of content that is displayed across a number of different screens or displays, in order to present information in an eye-catching and convenient way.

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Man holding a tablet and mobile phone

What is a Mobility Technology Solution?

A mobility technology solution is a solution that allows employees to work from anywhere, at any time, using devices and software suited to their job role.

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healthcare equipment in a hospital

What are the benefits of remarketing second-hand medical equipment?

Many types of medical equipment can be remarketed after hospitals move onto newer technology. Learn more today

Certified data erasure by CHG-MERIDIAN

Balancing eHealth, data protection, and data security

In this interview, Peter Krause, Head of Healthcare at CHG-MERIDIAN, talks about data protection in the healthcare sector and the requirements for data erasure, which many people are unaware of, especially in the case of printers and similar equipment.

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AI, internet of things (IoT), and hybrid IT require entirely new financing methods

Capital expenditure on IT is a key factor in the ability to innovate, especially for financial services providers. However, the necessary financing measures can have an adverse effect on a company’s flexibility.

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Man in suit presenting in-front of a screen

Paving the way for a digital transformation

Our group CIO, Oliver Schorer speaks to IT Business Magazine about digital transformation and how companies can ensure its successful implementation.

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Ensuring every stage of your technology’s lifecycle is covered

“Multiple devices, managing a combination of hardware and software, an increasing focus on security and assets that are constantly evolving. A technology lifecycle management solution is now more imperative than ever.”

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medical technology x-ray

How can a finance solution help improve your patient care?

We highlight the top 5 reasons why a financial solution could create cost savings and improve patient care.

man wearing virtual reality headset

Enhancing the customer experience through digital technology

How digital technology can help transform and rejuvenate your retail environment


We buy second-hand medical equipment – discover how easy it is to sell your ageing/redundant equipment

We answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive surrounding our healthcare remarketing process.

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CHG-MERIDIAN, UK Health Show banner

HETT 2018

Come and join us at the UK Health Show on stand J38 to find out more information regarding our financial solutions, our asset management system (TESMA®) and our remarketing and data erasure service

mobile phones on desks

Enterprise Mobility and Millennials in the Workspace

By 2020 millennials will make up the bulk of the workforce. By this same stage, the global mobile workforce is predicted to account for 42% of the global workforce. Here we take a look at the top 3 benefits driving enterprise mobility and the demands of the millennial workforce.


The signs are good

Dr. Mathias Wagner, Chairman of the Board of Management at CHG-MERIDIAN, looks back on 2017 and provides an optimistic outlook for the future.


Excellent prospects across the board despite Brexit uncertainty

Declan McGlone, Vice President Finance UK/Ireland, talks about business development, the effects of digitalisation and the impact of Brexit.


Thinking outside the box when it comes to financing

Intelligent finance models that are designed around your requirements

student working with laptop

How technology is helping to improve learning & increase harmony in the classroom

We all want to learn & work in an environment that provides us with the best possible chance to be successful. We take a dive into what the effect is of having the latest technology available to staff & students.

CHG-MERIDIAN UK man working at computer

Discover the benefits of leasing your technology estate

10 reasons why you should lease rather than purchase your IT equipment


Calculating backward – thinking ahead

Using a pay-per-patient model to manage investment risks in healthcare technology


Intelligent financing concepts pave the way for future innovation

As an innovative funding partner with decades of experience, CHG-MERIDIAN offers benefits for CIOs and CFOs alike. We'll show you how to implement innovative projects cost-effectively.


Five thoughts on total cost of ownership

Why the CIO and CFO are in the same boat when it comes to TCO calculations, and how only an independent expert can help.

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school student working with technology

Order now, lease later

Benefit from our flexible, bespoke, customised financial solutions

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An end to high up-front costs

How pay-per-patient models can help to preserve liquidity

Man using tablet with city skyline background

Could unbundling be the cheaper way to finance your mobile phone infrastructure?

"A 24-month deal, locked into the same network provider, with the same handset resulting in next to nothing in terms of flexibility."

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Woman in front of wooden, leafy background looking into the distance
Green Technology Remarketing

Eco-friendly remarketing process from CHG-MERIDIAN

How you can adopt environmentally friendly remarketing into your core business

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“Just buying cheaply is not always enough”

IT procurement is very different to purchasing consumables. Ralf Behrning clarifies what really matters.

Enterprise Mobility

Is converging technology the future of the workspace?

Keeping pace with the latest technology and trends can be a real challenge in today's world, with staying one step ahead almost impossible. We take a look at one of the latest digital trends to impact the Enterprise Mobility world - convergence.


Right to erasure - a part of GDPR

The right to erasure or the right to be forgotten. How can you equip yourself to ensure you comply?

IT Director Interview

Intelligent mobile working: Mobile workspace 4.0

In this interview, Oliver Schorer, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and member of the Board of Management at CHG-MERIDIAN, talks about how digitalisation and the impact of intelligent mobile working is changing our future workspace.


Pay per use models create greater transparancy

As an innovative funding partner with decades of experience, CHG-MERIDIAN sheds light on your overall costs. We will show you where you have potential savings and how you can achieve these savings.

Long-term thinking, quick savings

Lifecycle Management for greater cost effectiveness

With decades of experience in project financing, be assured that your investment will pay off with CHG-MERIDIAN's holistic view & expertise. Learn more online.

man looking over a manufacturing factory

TCO provides a better overview

As an innovative technology manager with decades of experience, CHG-MERIDIAN creates maximum cost transparency, identifies potential savings – and achieves these savings.

Man in a suit waiting at an airport
Enterprise Mobility

Embracing the fundamental shift in the future of mobility

We sat down with our Country Service Manager, Scott Linley and our Head of Sales Corporate, Danny Persaud to take a dive into the world of Enterprise Mobility

Teacher educating students
Public Sector

How can CHG-MERIDIAN and The CPC help you?

Find out how our partnership can benefit your institution

Enterprise Mobility

How to keep freedom and flexibility for employees' and key decision makers

For years, an office, a desk and fixed working hours have been considered the unchangeable reality of everyday working life, but this pattern is now rapidly changing thanks to the rise of modern mobile working.

CHG-MERIDIAN UK chairs, desks and computers
Public Sector

Considering refreshing your IT estate this summer?

3 Reasons why you should consider refreshing your IT estate with CHG-MERIDIAN