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5 Steps you need to take in order to make the digital workplace a reality

It is difficult to imagine digital transformation without state-of-the-art workplaces and remote working concepts. We highlight five steps you can take to make the digital workplace a reality.

5 steps to the Digital Workplace

To shift from conventional IT procurement and usage to the digital workplace cannot happen overnight, especially in larger companies. That is why you need to proceed strategically:

  1. Develop a vision: Before deciding on a digital workplace concept, it is essential to have a clear picture of what your IT should look like in three years. What equipment is required? What is a reasonable period of use for the device? Who should be allowed to order which devices and when? How broad should the selection be? These and similar aspects should be strategically planned and defined in advance.
  2. Only provide what is needed: Not every employee has the same hardware and software requirements. Staff in the field, for example in sales or maintenance, need lightweight and robust notebooks. For designers, developers, and graphic artists, performance is more critical.
  3. Create flexible rollout concepts: Instead of spending weeks devising plans to replace all PCs in one massive rollout, you should upgrade workplaces in stages according to the requirements. Workplace concepts with flexible, shorter terms will facilitate this strategy.
  4. Be realistic in your planning: No matter how excited you are about new IT trends, you have to bear in mind the reality of everyday work for your employees. Avoid planning the digital workplace for an imaginary scenario – talk to the people who will be affected.
  5. Turn IT procurement into a shopping experience: E-commerce portals such as Amazon have revolutionised the shopping experience. Employees expect a similar level of convenience from their IT department, but the reality is often very different. With our TESMA®-Portal, you can create a unique shopping experience for your employees. Here, your employees can order their equipment themselves from a range predefined by the employer.

TESMA® also provides detailed information on ordered and used hardware, enables an analysis of future requirements and provides full cost transparency.

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