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WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP to enhance the lifecycle management process for over five years

A global leader in Marketing and Communication supply chain services benefits from working with CHG-MERIDIAN

The Requirement

This organisation needed a leasing provider to mirror their customer contracts throughout the technology lifecycle. CHG-MERIDIAN could offer such a service at a competitive lease rate factor helping the customer to win future business against their competitors.

The Product

The current leasing product that the customer is taking advantage of is the technology advance lease model. This was designed by CHG-MERIDIAN to allow a smooth exchange between the rollout of new assets and the rollback of outdated assets.

The Solution

This organisation is consistently refreshing their IT portfolio through CHG-MERIDIAN. Our asset returning process means that we collect all equipment and arrange secure transport to our Technology and Service Centre in Germany, where we provide certified data erasure. We continue to run this service, whilst simultaneously rolling out new devices and commencing the lifecycle again.

"CHG-MERIDIAN are a key strategic partner of ours, which has spanned for over 5 years. They provide us with flexible and innovative financial solutions in support of our business needs. They provide good account management with a focus on customer care."
EMEA Strategic Sourcing, Marketing and Advertising Sector

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Danny Persaud

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