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Risk Management Solutions (RMS)

We speak to Tony Gill, Senior Procurement Manager at Risk Management Solutions regarding the recent remarketing project we undertook.

About RMS

RMS are the world's leading catastrophe risk modelling company. From earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods, to terrorism and infectious disease, RMS help financial institutions and public agencies understand, quantify, and manage risk.




“It has been a pleasure to work with RMS an international customer of CHG in the UK and Canada over the last 5 years – yes even the late UK evenings! Together (and I include my US colleagues in this) we have successfully acquired and managed the entire lifecycle of their data centre(s) equipment.

It has been very exciting to be a part of the “RMS (One)” platform journey. A cloud-based “big data” solution driving international growth for RMS and that of other insurance and financial institutions."
Danny Persaud, Head of Sales Corporate

1. What do you deem the most important factor when judging an End of Lease service?

T Gill: Like most services, we want a good user experience. Putting the customers’ needs first is core to us and we expect the same. However, we know it’s not always that simple. At the end of the lease, we required a coordinated approach, clear communication, simple processes, a good project plan, carefully budgeted costs and things to happen on time. And of course, few surprises or un-budgeted charges. We take security extremely seriously and the management of our data is paramount.

We chose CHG because they convinced us that their approach, pricing, flexibility, international coverage and lifecycle management capabilities would ensure we received the customer experience we desired. 

2. What makes CHG-MERIDIAN’s End of Lease solution different to the other services you have experienced?

T Gill: It was refreshing to know the original CHG team at the beginning of the leases were there with us at the end. This isn’t always the case from previous experience and this provided great continuity. We had two data centre locations and a mix of our own equipment, CHG leased equipment and equipment that was connected to assets that were the property of the data centre. We needed CHG to re-deploy our own equipment to our various locations, the leased equipment returned to CHG and the data centre equipment to remain. 

When and where issues did arise, CHG overcame those and we were pleasantly surprised that there were no extra charges.

3. How beneficial was CHG-MERIDIAN's ability to fulfil the requirements of both the UK & Canada at the End of Lease?

T Gill: Very beneficial, being able to use the same partner on both sides of the pond makes the whole process a lot easier to manage. CHG set up one point of contact which allowed us to gather information and updates in the most convenient manner possible. There was no need to have multiple email chains with several different people all trying to piece together the puzzle.

4. Overall how would you rate CHG-MERIDIAN’s End of Lease service?

T Gill: On the whole, we found CHG's end of lease service to be very good. Months of planning made the entire process as simple as possible. Once we had settled on the date of switch off CHG’s team came and took care of all the heavy lifting. CHG’s auditing, testing and end of lease acceptance process was very clear and CHG provided our nominated contacts with the data deletion certificates to confirm the process was complete.

5. Did CHG-MERIDIAN’s End of Lease service meet your expectations?

T Gill: Yes absolutely, it goes back to the point about providing a good customer experience. CHG took the time to take care of every step of the process, from collecting the assets to providing their certified data erasure solution. They did all this whilst providing good cooperation and giving us extra attention when we required it! Even including some late nights for the UK.

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Danny Persaud

Head of Sales Corporate