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Accessing the Digital Workplace

An IT self-service portal can be a great tool to access the digital workplace. Learn more about CHG-MERIDIAN's own tool, TESMA® Portal, which allows your employees to choose from a pre-defined list of devices, report incidents, order replacement hardware and much more.  


Case Study

International Computer Hardware Company

Learn why this international computer hardware company trusted CHG-MERIDIAN with their international iPhone rollout - rolling out over 3,800 devices to 3 countries across Europe.  



Carbon-Neutral IT Leasing with carbonZER0

carbonZER0 is the latest product innovation from CHG-MERIDIAN that allows you to offset the emissions generated throughout the IT lifecycle. Learn more about carbon-neutral IT leasing here.



TESMA® Portal - IT Self-Service Portal

TESMA® Portal is an innovative new IT self-service portal from CHG-MERIDIAN that allows users to order their own devices to their front door from a pre-defined list and much more. 



Managed Equipment Services (MES) Explainer

A Managed Equipment Service (MES) solution allows you to benefit from the latest healthcare equipment with an always-on solution for a known fixed, monthly, quarterly, or annual fee. With an MES, the solution provider doesn't only deliver the equipment; they provide a full managed service for a fixed fee.

on-demand Webinars


Webinar: 21st April 2021

Straightforward IT sustainability - the road to carbonZER0

Sustainability practices within our consumer and corporate lives have exploded in recent years and will undoubtedly continue to grow in the years to come. 

A new innovation we've recently seen are solutions designed to allow organisations to offset the CO2 emissions generated from their IT devices throughout their lifecycle. 

In this free webinar, we'll cover:

  • CHG-MERIDIAN's background as a company - how does sustainability align with our values. 
  • What you can do to limit the impact of the CO2 emissions your IT generates throughout its lifecycle.
  • Our experience from what we've seen in the market and our dealings with customers and suppliers within the channel. 
  • How you can make your IT certified carbon-neutral.  


Webinar: 21st February 2021

How can UK police forces maximise their IT budget during a time of change?

Police forces in the UK currently operate with the second smallest ICT budget within the public sector (just ahead of transport). Yet the demands they face alongside a rise in digital and cybercrime requires them to keep up with a rapid pace of digital technology advancements. 

In this free webinar, we will be looking at and discussing the following:

  • The current challenges police forces face regarding the barriers to the latest IT hardware.
  • The experiences from Microsoft. How the desire to invest in IT is there, but the budget is often lacking, and how they have already worked with specific police forces in the UK.
  • The financial solutions that are available to help knock down these barriers.


Webinar: 23rd July 2020

Introduction to CHG-MERIDIAN's industrial finance solution

We can bundle your industrial equipment (irrespective of the manufacturer) together with any additional equipment that might be required, i.e. batteries and charging points, alongside the servicing and maintenance elements. 

In this webinar, we will cover where we can provide added value via the following:

  • Inhouse asset and contract management solution, TESMA®.
  • Flexible, bespoke finance solutions.
  • Manufacturer independent solution (i.e. combine different manufacturers equipment in one contract).
  • Internationality (one single point of contact with a solution available across 27 countries).
  • Added services (we work with multiple service partners, including maintenance partners, forklift training partners etc. and can bundle this together into one solution/contract).