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  • Sustainable IT infrastructures ensure long-term success

    Using rather than owning: A whitepaper about Circular Economy and the benefits of finance solutions with sustainable reuse of IT assets – including our carbon neutral financing option, carbonZER0.

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  • How can UK police forces maximise their IT budget at a time of change?

    Learn how your police force can maximise their IT budget at a time of change in our free whitepaper. Here we present the current internal and external factors that are hampering police forces from achieving their digital technology ambitions and discuss various solutions designed to help forces achieve the targets set out in the National Policing Digital Strategy

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  • Parental Contribution Schemes

    A Parental Contribution Scheme is a solution that allows educational institutions to procure the latest ICT technology via a compliant operating lease while having the parents cover a percentage or all of the costs. We promise to take ownership of the solution by managing the lifecycle of the equipment and the parent interaction through our parent portal, while also providing the necessary insurances.

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  • Sustainable Procurement

    The intelligent procurement, use, and remarketing of IT equipment allows companies to cut costs and be more resource-efficient and sustainable. This is a competitive factor that is growing in importance

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  • The future of IT procurement

    Traditional IT procurement methods are complicated, long-winded, and take up a lot of resources. IT departments waste valuable time on installing new technology and maintaining the existing IT landscape – time that could be used to address critical strategic matters. The complete digital transformation of procurement processes and the involvement of users via a self-service portal frees up time and increases user satisfaction.

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  • Digital collaboration: How to make collaboration tools work

    Collaboration tools can link people and share knowledge across time zones and physical locations, making work more efficient and productive. But the prospective users have to be on board.

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  • Digital Workplace: How you can increase employee buy-in

    This white paper highlights the strategies that companies can adopt to improve employee buy-in for the digital workplace and shows how they can get the most out of their digital workplace investments.

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  • User Experience

    A good user experience is an important factor in creating value and achieving success. It enables companies to keep employees happy, accelerate digital change processes, and improve business outcomes. A digital workplace journey makes this easier to achieve than you might think.

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