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Device as a Service combines state-of-the-art technology, full lifecycle services and CHG-MERIDIAN's market expertise to enable one simple workspace cost for your business. This flexible solution covers every aspect of the asset's lifecycle, meaning the hardest part of the process for you is choosing the equipment best suited to your needs.

What is Device as a Service (DaaS)?

A Device as a Service (DaaS) solution is an innovative model that allows you to avoid the typical pain points of having major capital expenditure and long waits for an upgrade in assets. This model bundles the cost of the hardware and the cost of the lifecycle services into one single contract in the form of a monthly subscription. DaaS allows you to avoid costly cash purchases and keep your IT portfolio up-to-date with greater cost transparency. 

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Our Approach to Device as a Service

In today's world the latest gadget, invention or technological advancement always appears to be on the horizon. Therefore a calculated, flexible Device as a Service solution is vital to ensuring you can stay up-to-date with all the latest technology and trends and ahead of the competition.

We approach the market slightly differently compared to other DaaS service providers. As we are not tied to any banks, manufacturers or service providers, our customers can rely on our impartial, unbiased advice when discussing the best practices for both procuring and managing their technology investments. Our independence allows us to be more agile, flexible and really tailor a solution to your specific requirements. We want to get to know and understand your pain points to create a solution designed by you specifically for you. 

How Device as a Service (DaaS) works

Although each Device as a Service (DaaS) solution is bespoke to each customer, our process from discovery meetings to the end of the agreement usually are pretty similar. For example, our DaaS solution will typically follow these seven steps.

  1. Consulting – here, we will discuss your business requirements and current pain points as well as conduct a neutral analysis of your working environment. With this insight, we can then advise and create a customised solution for your business.
  2. Procurement – we can take care of and automate the procurement process.
  3. Rollout – pre-configuration, imaging, and deployment of the assets (either to an office or the employees home address).
  4. Support – service desk support can be offered in addition to a buffer stock scheme that protects against damage, theft, or lost devices.
  5. Rollback – collection of the assets at a time, date and location decided by you.
  6. Data erasure – any potentially sensitive data can be deleted by a process that adheres to NCSC principles.
  7. Upgrade – when we collect the old assets, we can simultaneously roll out the new ones resulting in no downtime for your users and ensures they’re always using the latest technology.
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“In CHG-MERIDIAN we have found a partner who listens to our needs and can provide a solution tailored to the characteristics of our company. The collaboration has been established for a few years now, and I can say that we have achieved a good level of operational efficiency for meeting daily IT-related demands in a timely manner. The procurement of goods is handled quickly, usually within 24 hours and processing times are really quite short."
Giovanni Colombo, IT Manager South East Europe, ATLAS COPCO

Confidence with CHG-MERIDIAN


We are completely independent and are not owned by any manufacturers or banks. Therefore we can provide you with unbiased advice and ensure you remain in complete control. Furthermore, you also benefit from having the freedom of choice to combine multiple manufacturers within your technology estate.


With over 40 years of experience behind us, we like to think we've learned a thing or two along the way. Throughout our previous customer projects, we have gained valuable experience, which we put into practice to benefit our current and future customers.


We adhere to a strict code of conduct, and as such, our contracts provide you with complete transparency. Our pricing model provides you with fixed costs and 0% inflation, while also presenting you with all your options for the end of the contract term. Above all, we work with you to find the best solution.


We work to ISO principles and are a member of the Finance and Leasing Association as well as a recognised lessor on several leasing and managed services frameworks. We combine this financial and commercial competence with our technological expertise to provide maximum value to our customers.

International Reach

With a presence in 25 countries covering Europe, North America, South America and Australia and New Zealand. We can facilitate our service into one contract across multiple geographies and sites.

Single Point of Call

We provide a single point of contact for all of our customer's technology requirements. Whether it be an issue with the procurement of assets, the rollout of the assets, right through to our remarketing and data deletion service, we have a solution bespoke to you.

Device as a Service (DaaS) Case Study


The Haufe Group are a leading media and software company and is considered a pioneer of digital transformation. From the core areas of a traditional publishing house, the Haufe Group has become a digital pioneer in digital and web-based offerings. 

The requirement

A Plaul: Our aim is not only to offer customers an outstanding user experience. We also aim to equip our employees with the best IT equipment on the market that will best support their work. As a result, we need our end-user devices (such as laptops, Macs, iPads and mobile phones) to be refreshed more often than they once were in the past to keep up with the latest technology innovations. 

For us, the cost can be a particular challenge in this scenario. Innovative Device as a Service solutions from CHG enables us to stay on top of these costs. Furthermore, CHG provides us with extra services, including asset management, data deletion and recycling options that help us to keep our IT costs to a minimum. Overall this makes the whole solution more manageable for us.

Woman sitting at a desk on the phone with a laptop


A Plaul: Ideally, we want all employees to have a positive user experience with minimal interaction with the IT department. Thankfully, with Device as a Service (DaaS), CHG takes care of the rollout and rollback of the devices, along with providing all the maintenance and a quick turnaround if a device needs to be sent back or exchanged. CHG’s Device as a Service solution minimised both costs and time, at the end of the lifecycle they ensure that all devices are erased, remarketed or returned in the right condition. This helps our employees to only have a limited amount of interaction with the IT department during the entire lifecycle process.

Haufe Group Logo

Device as a Service FAQ's

Why should I consider a Device as a Service solution over a capital purchase?

The DaaS (Device as a Service) model provides organisations with not only the hardware but also a complete end-to-end lifecycle services package. In addition to the hardware organisations can benefit from the service elements which can include:


How will a Device as a Service solution benefit my organisation?

  • Lower TCO (as a residual value position can be taken on the assets this will typically result in paying less than the cash purchase price for the hardware)
  • Effective cost management (spread the cost of your chosen assets over their economic useful life via a single contract thus increasing cost predictability)
  • Up-to-date technology (by having a regular refresh cycle in place you can ensure you’re always using the latest technology)
  • Lower maintenance costs (by ensuring your technology is always up-to-date it is, therefore, less likely to breakdown – resulting in less downtime for you and your users in addition to lower maintenance costs)
  • Secure end of life process (benefit from secure transportation and certified data deletion allowing you to dispose of your tech quickly and effectively)


What does a Device as a Service solution include?

DaaS is a flexible, finance solution that can bundle everything together, or it can be as minimal as you want. We aim to work with our customers to create their ideal solution, so no two DaaS solutions are the same. For example, one solution could include as much as procurement of the assets, the rollout of the assets, a tailored financial plan, service desk support, asset care options, asset management and a full remarketing service complete with data deletion. Whereas another solution could include as little as the rollout of the assets, a tailored financial plan and a remarketing solution including data deletion.

Device as a Service is a solution that can save our customers a considerable amount of time and money. We suspect that this will be one of the market leading products in the coming years.


CHG-MERIDIAN UK Device as a Service

Device as a Service (PDF 3MB)

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