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CHG-MERIDIAN's in-house asset and communication management system, TESMA® provides end-to-end transparency for your technology management from both a financial and technical standpoint - allowing you to know what assets you’ve got, where they are and how much they really cost you.


We developed TESMA® to help simplify technology management. The system allows you to see a full overview of your commercial and technical data. TESMA® provides a central database for all key business information and is available in real time.

Support from start to finish

A complete and consistent asset management solution is a modern-day necessity, whether you're tracking anything from the latest smartphone, to a thirty year old forklift truck. TESMA® provides support for all stages of the technology lifecycle by making flexible administration, financial control and accurate reporting possible. The software improves process efficiency, resulting in endless possibilities of savings on internal costs.

Transparency across the board

There is considerable optimisation potential in the management of technology investments, as a lack of efficiency and transparent processes can lead to increased expenditure and time consumption.

TESMA® combines both the commercial and technical aspects of asset management meaning our customers can rely on clear and precise data throughout the entire technology lifecycle.

Ensuring the security of your data is not just our goal at the end of the IT lifecycle. We regularly carry out security tests on TESMA®. With a current rating of A+, TESMA® has the highest security rating for web servers.

Tracking assets with the TESMA® App

The TESMA® App for Android and iOS brings asset tracking directly to your smartphone. Using your smartphone's camera, or by combining it with a handheld scanner, you can capture the serial numbers of all assets and allocate them automatically. The app then transmits this data to TESMA®.


  • Save time and costs through efficient automated documenting of assets, their serial numbers, and other asset-specific information. Including allocation to orders, to streamline warehouse receiving operations
  • Automatic status changes and fast updates of asset information, for example, when replacing assets in the workplace
  • Transparency when assessing processing times and service levels
  • No longer need to worry about error-prone manual processes, such as typing serial numbers or checking off Excel lists
  • Less time and money spent on managing assets
  • Integration with TESMA® for a transparent, real-time overview


Independent to each department

TESMA® provides decision makers with answers to important questions surrounding the technology portfolio. From device configurations and usage patterns to available budgets, the system stores valuable information for a wide range of departments. In day-to-day operations, TESMA® can produce financial control reports to make budget, consumption and capacity planning a simpler task.


TESMA® provides end-to-end transparency for your technology management, whether it is for procurement, financial control, accounting, or IT.

TESMA® offers simple and uncomplicated methods for transparent cost control, such as cost centre allocation at no extra effort or expense. IT decision makers benefit from the comprehensive views of the complete asset inventory with customisable field data alongside.

The centralised ordering platform, e-Procurement, allows for hassle free online ordering with customer specific workflows and approval processes. Supplier catalogues can also be integrated into the system, meaning you have a one stop shop for all your technology requirements.

By using the TESMA® App as soon as the assets are delivered, the serial numbers can be scanned, the assets documented, and the device status and asset information modified accordingly. Manual checking of lists is no longer required and the data is immediately available to other users.

TESMA® at a glance


Modules at a glance

At CHG-MERIDIAN we have worked on a number of modules within TESMA®. When signing up for the system, you will have the choice of as many or as little of the following:

  • Contract Management
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • e-Procurement
  • Asset Tracking
  • Own Asset
  • Data Bridge
  • Ticket Management
  • End of Life

User friendly, up to date, and easily linked up

Connectivity across the board – TESMA® shares stored data with your own systems and makes it available for further processing. A range of interfaces allow for easy integration of third-party systems, so whether you are exporting or importing, sharing data is simple and trouble-free.

We are continuously evolving TESMA® to make it even easier for you to manage your technology efficiently. The benefit for you is an application that is always up-to-date technologically and is highly user friendly.

"All equipment ordered through the leasing scheme is logged and monitored using the TESMA® asset tracking system. This enables us to have instant access to a comprehensive database of assets procured via leasing, and can be broken down on a school by school basis. In addition, we use the reporting tool to manage cross-charging of assets across multiple schools under the Council’s control. With all data entered into the system by CHG-MERIDIAN, the council get maximum benefit from the system without the need to input additional information."
e-Learning Manager, Regional IT Programme, Public Sector


TESMA® takes efficiency to a new level. The software provides the best example of how to organise technology easily and efficiently through the intelligent connection of commercial and technological data.

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We will be happy to explain the other benefits you can enjoy by using TESMA® to manage complex technologies.

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We will be happy to explain the other benefits you can enjoy by using TESMA® to manage complex technologies.

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