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CHG-MERIDIAN's self-service portal, TESMA®, allows your employees to choose from a pre-defined list of security approved devices, report incidents, order replacement hardware and much more. Enhance your employee's user experience and reduce the burden on your IT team today.

Employee benefits

Our IT self-service portal, TESMA®, allows every employee to order their own IT equipment such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Just like they are used to with large, user-friendly, online retail platforms. The portal features your companies branding, while the pre-defined shopping catalogue only contains your security approved items that the employee is authorised to order. The device is then sent directly to the employee as soon as possible, just like when they shop online, either to an office address or a home address. Therefore, eliminating the tiresome wait for new equipment or replacement devices.

Does your employee want a device with a higher spec? No problem at all. Upgrades can easily be arranged for a personal surcharge and are automatically paid for through the payroll. This gives your employee an extra level of freedom and makes you a more attractive employer - all at no additional cost to you.

Screenshot of tesma portal catalogue

Benefits for your IT department

The TESMA® portal can be customised to suit your existing branding so it will look and feel like your own self-service portal. Furthermore, the catalogue of products is tailored exclusively to your company all while being maintained and managed by us. It goes deeper than that though. The catalogue is tailored to each individual employee. Staff members can only see the items that they are permitted to order. 

Our self-service portal, TESMA®, offers unlimited transparency and supports your logistical and commercial planning. When was the asset ordered? Where is it? What is its specification? How much is the monthly cost? When will it be replaced? You ask the question, and TESMA® provides the answer.

Managing new starters and leavers is a common headache for not only the IT team but also the HR team. The TESMA® portal can integrate into your active directory, and it allows us to control this flow, therefore saving your IT and HR team a lot of time and effort. 

Your IT department will also benefit, as the self-service portal helps to release some of the burdens that are placed on them thanks to automated approval processes and defined organisational structures. This means the ordering, approval, and replacement processes can be fully automated and run without manual intervention. Of course, there is still a named contact should any questions or problems arise.

screenshot of IT self-service portal service request

four reasons why you should implement an IT Self-Service portal

two men sitting in an office with a TV in the background

Win the war for talent

Employees select their own IT devices, such as smartphones and laptops. Conveniently and flexibly. You specify the device catalogue beforehand.

  • End-to-end processing via TESMA® portal
  • Straightforward and user-friendly device selection
  • Individual upgrades possible for a personal surcharge
  • Private use of mobile devices also possible
  • Budget remains the same and is predictable

Seamless access to remote working

Make it easier for your employees to work remotely with a customised digital workplace.

  • Easy access to remote working. At home, or while travelling
  • Fast replacement if a device is lost or broken
  • Delivery direct to the employee (office or home address)
  • Easy to raise service requests
laptop, smartphone, Apple watch, coffee mug on a desk with a computer screen, keyboard and mouse
two men sitting at a desk on laptops with a tablet in the middle


The TESMA® portal permanently relieves your IT department of operational and administrative tasks. IT staff are once again free to concentrate on more important matters.

  • Seamless, standardised processes for procurement, rollout, and maintenance
  • No resources tied up by the management of devices (replacement if the device is broken or lost)
  • Fast-track approval processes and fewer sources of human error


The IT team can view all device data at any time, and the finance department can generate reports on costs and the term of lease agreements at the touch of a button. Furthermore, thanks to the integration of technical and financial data, management also has an overview of the key figures:

  • Number and location of devices
  • Device specifications
  • Term of lease agreements and overall costs
  • Order status and service requests
Woman in a blue blazer sitting in a cafe


“All processes such as approval, rollout, rollback, and the replacement of broken assets are fully automated. This seamless automation is a prime example of the benefits of digital transformation. It also permanently relieves the burden on the IT department and on our colleagues in Procurement and HR.”

Christian Schmitt, Head of IT Operations

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“Being able to work from anywhere is just as important to me as having access to the latest technology. At CHG-MERIDIAN, I have as much freedom as possible when choosing the tools I use for my work. This was an important consideration for me when choosing my employer.”

Caroline Bruss, employee

  • The future of IT procurement

    Traditional IT procurement methods are complicated, long-winded, and take up a lot of resources. IT departments waste valuable time on installing new technology and maintaining the existing IT landscape – time that could be used to address critical strategic matters. The complete digital transformation of procurement processes and the involvement of users via a self-service portal frees up time and increases user satisfaction.

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Your digital workplace

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