By implementing efficient technology management it is possible to improve patient care while reducing overall costs. CHG-MERIDIAN provides bespoke financial solutions that have your best interests at heart.

Trusted Advisors to the Healthcare Sector

CHG-MERIDIAN has supported our Healthcare customers for over 40 years; elevating care through innovative finance solutions and providing access to the latest medical technologies, enabling hospitals and clinics alike to provide better patient care. Our cutting-edge finance concepts and tailored Managed Equipment Service solutions help the wider NHS, private and independent medical organisations to streamline the process of acquiring much needed medical equipment – with a focus on shaping a sustainable future across the healthcare spectrum whilst saving hospitals valuable time and resources.

Tailored solutions to fit your healthcare technology budget perfectly

Trying to find a balance between having the latest healthcare equipment whilst effectively managing your budget is an all too real problem for many hospitals within the UK. Here at CHG-MERIDIAN we aim to help our customers acquire today’s healthcare technology with tomorrow’s budget. How exactly do we achieve this? Using our expert knowledge, we can help you realise the options available to you. Our flexible, creative financial solutions is the heartbeat behind everything we do. However; we are more than just a healthcare finance provider who simply provides you with an interest rate. We want to understand your business, your pain points and ultimately provide you with a full solution package that covers the entire asset lifecycle.

  • Bespoke Financial Solutions – Customised solutions to match your situation
  • Asset Management (tesma) – Stay in control of your assets
  • Remarketing – Full remarketing service including: deinstallation, collection, certified data erasure & environmentally friendly disposal of old equipment
  • Expertise – We understand healthcare assets & your business

What Healthcare Assets Do CHG-MERIDIAN Finance?

Flexible, creative financial solutions

Our approach to flexible asset finance across the markets will typically be based on one of the following solutions:


A residual value lease is one of the most common types of agreements our customers take advantage of. A residual value lease allows for the use of an asset but the lease term is short compared to the useful life of the asset. As a result, we take a residual value on the asset meaning the sum of the rentals will be typically less than the original capital cost.


A finance lease is another common lease agreement our customers can utilise. A finance lease is typically a full pay out agreement, this means that the sum of the rentals includes the full capital cost of the equipment, plus the interest accrued. In this sense a finance lease works in very much the same way as a loan i.e. you will normally fully pay out the cost of the equipment during the lease period.


Raise capital budget and unlock the value of existing equipment. This model allows you to sell your existing assets that you own and lease it back in either an operating or finance format.


Under this model, the overall cost of procuring and using the medical equipment is broken down by individual case of treatment by dividing the rental by the pre-determined minimum number of uses.


Benefit from the latest healthcare technology with an always on solution that includes a guaranteed equipment uptime, regular maintenance and equipment/consumable replacement for a known fixed annual fee.


Acquire your equipment today and defer payments to the following financial year. The perfect solution for those customers who require an urgent supply of equipment but don’t have the necessary capital for the current financial year.


Structure your payments to align with the income you receive for your patient service.

Example Rental Payments
Year 1: £50,000 Year 2: £55,000 Year 3: £60,000


We like to see ourselves as a little bit different in the way we approach the healthcare sector. We aren’t bound to any banks, manufacturers or service providers, as such we can offer a unique customer experience all from a single source. We strive to differentiate ourselves with our products and added value services. Our customers rely on our impartial, expert advice to help support them in managing their healthcare technology lifecycle. 


Benefits at a glance:

  • Lifecycle Refresh Programme – A CHG financing solution provides a natural conclusion for your assets and presents a perfect opportunity to implement a replacement programme
  • Accurate Projections – Our financing solutions allow you to accurately forecast which equipment needs to be replaced up to 12 months before the agreement end allowing you to easily plan your equipment replacement requirements
  • Lower Maintenance Costs With a regular refresh cycle in place you can be sure your technology is up-to-date and therefore less likely to breakdown – resulting in less downtime for you and your users
  • Stay One Step Ahead In today’s world the latest gadget, invention or technological advancement always appears to be on the horizon. Our solutions allow you to stay up-to-date with all the latest technology and trends
  • Increased Harmony – By having the latest innovations available to staff you can ensure the best working environment possible.
  • Lower TCO Sum of the rentals will typically be lower than the capital cost of the equipment
  • Be creative with your budget Make your budget go further by deferring the payments to match your budget alignment allowing you to utilise precious cash reserves to fund other projects
  • Effective Cost Management Spread the cost of your chosen assets over their economic useful life
  • Easier to upgrade assets – Equipment can be upgraded during or at the end of the agreed term

Confidence with CHG-MERIDIAN


We are completely independent and are not owned by any manufacturers or banks. Therefore we can provide you with unbiased advice and ensure you remain in complete control. Furthermore, you also benefit from having the freedom of choice to combine multiple manufacturers within your technology estate.


With over 40 years of experience behind us, we like to think we've learned a thing or two along the way. Throughout our previous customer projects, we have gained valuable experience, which we put into practice to benefit our current and future customers.


We adhere to a strict code of conduct, and as such, our contracts provide you with complete transparency. Our pricing model provides you with fixed costs and 0% inflation, while also presenting you with all your options for the end of the contract term. Above all, we work with you to find the best solution.


We work to ISO principles and are a member of the Finance and Leasing Association as well as a recognised lessor on several leasing and managed services frameworks. We combine this financial and commercial competence with our technological expertise to provide maximum value to our customers.

International Reach

With a presence in 30 countries covering Europe, North America, South America and Australia and New Zealand. We can facilitate our service into one contract across multiple geographies and sites.

Single Point of Call

We provide a single point of contact for all of our customer's technology requirements. Whether it be an issue with the procurement of assets, the rollout of the assets, right through to our remarketing and data deletion service, we have a solution bespoke to you.


CHG-MERIDIAN provides flexible financing, effective support, and technology lifecycle management that adds measurable value.

CHG-MERIDIAN provides the flexible financing of medical equipment, working with our customers we can find a transparent, customised billing model to suit their needs. Take advantage of one of our operating lease, finance lease, sale & leaseback, deferred payment, stepped payment, managed equipment service or pay per use solutions.

We also help you to bring investment volumes into line with commercial targets (ROI, budget, TCO) and financial reporting requirements (US GAAP, IFRS).

Effective support for smooth operation

Your Healthcare expert at CHG-MERIDIAN is there to help you with the successful implementation of your medical equipment investments and their budget-friendly operation. He or she is your single point of contact, and you can speak directly to your advisor about the many services we offer, such as ordering, installing, maintaining, collecting, and remarketing medical equipment:

  • End-to-end equipment tracking in tesma
  • Non-captive maintenance and warranty concepts
  • Temporary use of low-cost used or replacement equipment (in cooperation with selected partners)
  • Standardised management of consumables

A secure & environmentally friendly end to the healthcare technology equipment lifecycle

If the product lifecycle of your healthcare technology ends, we offer you the choice of returning, upgrading, or continuing to use it. CHG-MERIDIAN and our trusted partners ensure correct de-installation and complete removal.

Alongside creating additional value from your end of life assets, our main concern is protection of our customers data. Equipment that cannot be remarketed is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, according to WEEE standards, certification will be provided for any assets disposed of on your behalf. On request we can also carry out certified data erasure of disk drives and data storage media containing sensitive patient data, which is approved by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and BSI.

“The machinery would usually cost in excess of £2 million and would have taken several years to raise the funds. It is exceedingly good news for future patients who will benefit from minimally invasive surgery with less pain and quicker recovery times. As of now the robot has been in use for nearly 6 months and a substantial number of patients have seen the benefits of it. CHG-MERIDIAN’s help has been greatly appreciated and we could not have achieved the success that we have without their assistance”

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Global Business Development Manager, Healthcare

Paul Ley-Pollard

Head of Healthcare UK & Ireland


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