Carbon-neutral IT leasing

Carbon-neutral IT leasing with carbonZER0

Sustainable IT procurement has become more and more important in the UK in recent years. Thanks to carbonZER0, the production, transportation, use phase, and end-of-lease phase of your financed IT assets can now be certified carbon-neutral.

Company PCs, smartphones, and servers generate tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, with the bulk of these CO₂ emissions generated during production. That is why, for more than 40 years, CHG-MERIDIAN has been offering end-of-life services based on the professional refurbishing and sustainable reuse of used IT devices, in line with the principles of the circular economy. We are now taking this one step further with carbonZER0. For the first time, our customers can offset the CO₂ generated in the production, transportation, use phase, and end-of-life scenarios of their leased IT assets.

Carbon-neutral financing of IT assets with carbonZER0

Alongside measures to avoid and reduce CO₂ emissions, offsetting is an important step that allows companies to operate more sustainably and to make a positive contribution toward climate change mitigation. Thanks to carbonZER0, our new financing upgrade, our customers can pay to offset the total CO₂ emissions of their IT assets. This financing option is available internationally, with 100% of the money generated used to finance certified projects aimed at combating climate change. The monthly lease instalment increases only marginally. For example, the cost of making a smartphone carbon-neutral is just a few pence.

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Calculating CO2 emissions

Using the carbonZER0 financing upgrade requires no additional time or effort on the part of our customers. They enjoy the benefits of a complete package that takes care of everything from selecting and managing the climate change mitigation projects to providing recognized emissions certificates and calculating CO₂ emissions using a certified methodology that follows the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The calculation takes into account production, transportation, and the electricity consumed during the use phase and end-of-life scenarios of the IT assets. 


Offsetting CO2 emissions

Once the calculation has been completed, any greenhouse gases generated are offset through direct investments in climate change mitigation projects. Through carbonZER0, CHG-MERIDIAN supports internationally recognized climate change mitigation projects certified to the highest standard, Gold Standard VER. The customer receives a certificate as proof of the CO₂ emissions saved. This guarantees that the savings will only be used to offset CO₂ emissions once; the related certificates are subsequently retired in the official registers. 

Ongoing support for climate change mitigation projects

Customers opting for carbonZERO support projects that are proven to offset emissions, for example by expanding renewable energy generation or promoting the use of more energy-efficient technologies. The portfolio ranges from solar power installations and drinking water systems to fair microcredits and wind turbines. Furthermore, the projects benefit the local population by creating jobs, improving infrastructure, and reducing health risks.

Our climate change mitigation projects ensure sustainable development at the economic, social, and environmental level in the respective countries in line with the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals. To prove that criteria are being met, the projects are checked and certified according to the Gold Standard VER. This ensures – and regularly confirms – that the projects are effective in combating climate change. 

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Oliver Schorer, Member of the Board of Management

"Our customers can simply add the service to their existing order without any additional hassle. We take care of everything for them, including making the offset payment to certified climate projects."

Climate change mitigation is a must

Customers and investors have long been demanding sustainable solutions, and what might once have been an afterthought, such as climate-neutral business practices or green IT, is now often crucial to the success of a business. Environmental protection has become a corporate objective, and sustainable procurement a moral obligation. Sustainability and combating climate change have become a must for companies – from an environmental, social, and commercial perspective. carbonZER0 allows our customers to not only

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5 reasons to choose carbonZER0

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carbonZER0 FAQ's


Our carbonZER0 product allows customers to offset the CO₂ emissions that are generated in the production, use phase, and end-of-lease phase of their equipment, including all transportation. It takes the form of an add-on payment that is used to support selected international projects aimed at mitigating climate change.


carbonZER0 is available internationally for all IT assets.


Yes. Periphery devices (e.g. chargers and keyboards) are included in the calculation.


Climate change mitigation projects that have been proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions make a significant contribution to the fight against global warming. They can take the form of forest conservation activities, reforestation, or investment in renewable energies. They also promote sustainable development in the individual countries, for example, by improving the supply of clean drinking water, expanding local infrastructure, creating jobs, or preserving biodiversity.


Yes. The customer is given a certificate of the CO₂ emissions saved. This is issued in accordance with international standards. It guarantees that the savings will only be used to offset CO₂ emissions once; the related certificates are subsequently retired in the official registers.

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