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Providing Computer Leasing IT Support for Schools

CHG-MERIDIAN has supported schools and students for over 40 years to improve technology within classrooms and to enhance the learning experience. Our customised leasing concepts help schools and trusts to save both time and money while enabling access to technology for all students and teachers.

Trusted ICT advisor to the education sector

We currently support over 1000 schools in the UK, including Local Authority Schools, Multi-Academy Trusts and Independent Schools to help keep ICT technology for their students up-to-date while maximising budgets.

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Success Story - Windsor Academy Trust 2022

Windsor Academy Trust (WAT) is a family of schools committed to unlocking students’ academic and personal potential. We put children at the centre of everything we do, delivering excellent education to 7,000 students aged 2 to 18 driven by 1,000 committed, inspiring and talented staff.

Windsor Academy Trust’s 1:1 Digital Learning Strategy forms part of WAT’s world-class curriculum and digitally rich environment that equips students with the skills they need for the future. The initiative was launched in 2020 and Early Impact Studies highlighted the positive effect 1:1 devices were having, with excellent feedback from staff, students and parents. As a result, the programme was expanded to ensure every child in years 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 has a personal iPad to power up their learning at school and at home. When WAT approached CHG-MERIDIAN, the trust required 1,075 Apple iPads and integrated keyboard cases  for the third phase of its 1:1 digital learning programme.

Download the case study to learn how our Education team helped realise WAT's plan and supply every student with the latest in learning technology.

IT Leasing Solutions for Education

We understand the importance of leasing for Educational Institutions to ensure the latest devices for students. In the Education sector, and across many other sectors, we have built a considerable portfolio of IT leased equipment across the UK and Europe. By working with CHG-MERIDIAN, you can have the utmost confidence that we will find the solution that best suits your organisation. CHG-MERIDIAN are members of the Finance and Leasing Association and are a recognised lessor on several DFE approved leasing frameworks.

Mobile Learning Scheme

A Mobile Learning Scheme allows schools to procure the latest ICT technology via a compliant operating lease while having the parents or carers cover a percentage or all of the costs. We take ownership of the solution by managing the lifecycle of the equipment and the parent/carer interaction through our parent/carer portal, while also providing the necessary protection.


A Mobile Learning Scheme is a joint solution offered by CHG-MERIDIAN and our partners, focusing on providing transparency for educational institutions and parents or carers. There are no hidden costs as we split out the cost of the equipment, financial terms and additional services so you can see exactly what you’re paying for.

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Mobile Learning Scheme

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Fully Compliant Leasing

At CHG-MERIDIAN UK, we specialize in delivering lease agreements that fully comply with Department for Education (DfE) and Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) guidelines, ensuring adherence to the School Financial Value Standard (SFVS). Our commitment to transparency and compliance means educational institutions can trust our leasing solutions to meet regulatory standards while optimizing value for money.


We understand the importance of balancing financial stewardship with providing quality education. By partnering with CHG-MERIDIAN, schools gain access to tailored lease agreements that address their specific needs and objectives, all while maintaining strict compliance with regulatory requirements. With our expertise, schools can confidently navigate the complexities of leasing, knowing they are receiving solutions that prioritize both financial accountability and educational excellence.

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Order now, lease later

A unique service that we offer to our Education Sector customers is to enable ICT equipment to be delivered across your preferred installation window, with your supplier invoices paid in full and on time. Your lease can then commence on your preferred start date or once new budgets have come into effect, giving you the flexibility to take on the equipment when you need it. 

Aside from assisting schools with deployments and utilising next year budgets, this also helps at the end of the agreement with the customer able to manage their end of lease options. This has been proven to be particularly beneficial for Academies implementing a summer refresh, meaning that the end of the lease will not fall during term time.

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Sale & Leaseback

We offer a sale and leaseback solution on a wide variety of assets. If your asset is less than 4 months old, we can pay you the original purchase price. If the asset is older than 4 months, we can offer you the net book value of the asset.

By using our sale and leaseback process, you can raise capital by selling your existing assets to CHG-MERIDIAN. There is zero disruption to your institution as you continue to retain all the benefits of usage yet transfer the risk of ownership and disposal to us.

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Sale and Leaseback


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Device as a Service (DaaS)

Our Device as a Service (DaaS) solution is an innovative and bespoke model tailored for educational clients. Ensuring complete transparency, Device as a Service (DaaS) allows you to avoid costly cash purchases and keep your IT portfolio up-to-date.

Although each Device as a Service (DaaS) solution is bespoke, the principles remain the same. CHG-MERIDIAN’s all-encompassing lifecycle management services & tesma asset management portal are inclusive while presented as a fixed costs per device.

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Device as a Service


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Bullet Lease

One single upfront payment to take advantage of the residual value investment, with nothing to pay for the remaining minimum term of the lease.

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Our carbonZER0 product allows customers to offset the CO₂ emissions that are generated in the transportation, production, use and end-of-lease phase of their ICT leased equipment.

The green agenda and sustainability is very much a hot topic in the public sector. Since 2019 it has been more commonly asked of Multi-Academy Trusts to provide reporting on their energy and carbon information as per ESFA regulations. This is why it is important to the Education team to support schools and trusts with our carbonZER0 offering, enabling carbon offsetting for your IT assets. 

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tesma asset and contract management

tesma is CHG-MERIDIAN’s in house asset and contract management system that allows complete transparency of your CHG-MERIDIAN leased assets and your own assets via the 'own asset' module. Used in the Public sector by many Local Authorities and Multi-Academy Trusts, it provides complete visibility via bespoke reporting data. Asset data is populated by us, creating efficiencies for all users. 

tesma's modular design can be used to procure, manage and track devices. It can also be used to manage the rollback of devices as well as provide financial information and cost centre breakdown for budgeting. Learn more about our asset management software.


All data in one system 

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Lease IT equipment for schools

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List of Equipment We Fund


  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktop PCs
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Keyboards
  • Docking Station
  • Headphones
  • Smart Watch
  • Camera
  • Mouse
  • Whiteboards
  • Projectors
  • TVs
  • Servers & Storage

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Educational Technology?

Educational technology encompasses any kind of technology that might be used to aid education. Laptops, for example, can help facilitate collaborative work amongst peers in the classroom. The mobility of the laptop as opposed to a desktop PC allows for flexible collaboration and discussion. Whereas headphones, for example, allow for more reflective solo learning in classrooms.


No, as CHG-MERIDIAN aren't a broker, we don't charge any of these.


The Education team will contact you 6 months before the end of the minimum term and ask how you would like to proceed.


Please refer to your signed master agreement which will detail your required notice period.


Yes, please speak to a member of the education team.


Yes, each contract is bespoke so please contact the education team for further details.


Financing can translate capital outlay into low monthly/quarterly payments; a lease structure can be developed to accommodate your budget constraints. Deferred payment terms will also help you obtain the equipment now rather than waiting for the next financial year.


The rental payments can be collected monthly, quarterly, annually or termly.


The rental payments will be fixed for the duration of the lease agreement. 

Meet the CHG-MERIDIAN UK Education Team

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Martyn Maskell - Business Development Manager

Martyn joined CHG UK in 2008. Having spent many years already in the leasing industry, he brought a wealth of knowledge to CHG. Martyn has been working in the Education Sector for 15 years & has a long-standing client base. Martyn is friendly, supportive and technically minded, there's nothing he can't do with an excel spread sheet!

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his partner, children & cat, Mehitabel. He’s a keen traveller who enjoys visiting as many countries as possible throughout the year & also a big fan of The Chase!


Tel: +(44) 7738 124 383

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Kim Plumb - Business Development Manager

Kim has been supporting Schools and Education clients for over 15 years, having joined CHG in 2007. Kim has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Education Sector, particularly around sustainability in schools and 1:1 Parental Contributions. Over the past 15 years Kim has built a strong network of trust with her clients & partners and is a trusted member of the Education Team.

When Kim isn’t busy behind her laptop, she enjoys long walks with her dog Alfie, Cuddles with her two cats Bella & Raffy and spending time with family. Alongside her husband, Kim is an avid gardener and has put her hand to most things DIY whilst renovating their family home. She is also rather innovative when it comes to cooking pork chops- Quite the Nigella Lawson! 


Tel: +(44) 7966 782 948

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Hannah Hulm - Business Development Manager

Having joined CHG in 2014, Hannah earned promotion into CHG's specialist Education Team at the end of 2020, after her previous role in the CHG Corporate Sales Team. Hannah's experience with looking after some of our largest Corporate Customers means that she is able to bring an additional level of budgetary and commercial expertise to her discussions with School Leaders, to ensure that they are receiving the best solution for their requirements.

Away from work, Hannah is a very proud gardener and a bit of a crazy dog lady with her dogs, Forrest and Maisey. Hannah is also the first member of the Education Team to put up her Christmas Decorations every year!


Tel: +(44) 7876 883 117

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Daniel Talhadas - Head of Public Sector UK&I

Danny has worked within the leasing finance industry for 21+ years during this time he has managed both corporate and public sector clients.  Danny’s understanding of the Environmental, Social and Governance requirements within the Public Sector enable CHG UK to offer innovative solutions that support their goals and ensure our compliance with their policies. His spare time is an equal split between community volunteering (supporting young people in Scouting) and music (typically on stage playing his bass guitar with his two bands.)


Tel: +(44) 7967 292 924