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CHG-MERIDIAN's Industrial Technology solution offers a new approach for managing your industrial equipment, which provides you with a cost-efficient and flexible one-stop solution.


Non-captive expertise for a more efficient fleet

CHG-MERIDIAN’s Industrial Technology solution offers a new approach for managing industrial equipment, providing a cost-efficient and flexible one-stop solution for our customers. Our Operational Leasing model built around high residual value investment keeps costs down, whilst giving clear visibility of any potential future costs. CHG takes responsibility for the assets along with any associated risk.

We can bundle your industrial equipment (irrespective of the manufacturer) together with any additional equipment that might be required (batteries and charging points for example) alongside any operationally specific requirements.

What Industrial Assets do CHG-MERIDIAN Finance?

Key Benefits

  • Independent consultation and advice
  • One single point of contact. We eliminate the need for multiple leases and multiple suppliers 
  • Guaranteed up-time. Maintenance and service agreements can be agreed on pre-contract
  • Lower total cost of ownership. We take a residual value position on the assets meaning what you spend will typically be lower than the original capital equipment cost 
  • Global capabilities. With locations in 30 countries across the globe covering 5 continents, we can facilitate the roll-out across multiple sites and geographies
  • Keep your equipment up-to-date with a pre-defined refresh period
  • No need to worry about what to do with your old equipment. We have our own remarketing team who can take care of the collection, transportation and remarketing of all assets
  • Transparency via our in-house asset and contract management system, tesma 

Flexible, creative financial solutions

Our approach to flexible asset finance across the markets will typically be based on one of the following solutions:


A residual value lease is one of the most common types of agreements our customers take advantage of. A residual value lease allows for the use of an asset but the lease term is short compared to the useful life of the asset. As a result, we take a residual value on the asset meaning the sum of the rentals will be typically less than the original capital cost.


A Balloon Payment style lease is a standard fixed period agreement with a deferred larger payment, often of 10% or 20%, at the end of the fixed period. This deferred payment can be converted into an extension, keeping initial investment costs down and giving a clear view of future costs – ideal for high-value, long-life solutions


Raise capital budget and unlock the value of existing equipment. This model allows you to sell your existing assets that you own and lease it back in either an operating or finance format.


Under this model, the overall cost of procuring and using the medical equipment is broken down by individual case of treatment by dividing the rental by the pre-determined minimum number of uses.


A finance lease is another common lease agreement our customers can utilise. A finance lease is typically a full pay out agreement, this means that the sum of the rentals includes the full capital cost of the equipment, plus the interest accrued. In this sense a finance lease works in very much the same way as a loan i.e. you will normally fully pay out the cost of the equipment during the lease period.

Industrial Technologies: A unique combination of technical expertise with financial engineering

Confidence with CHG-MERIDIAN


We are completely independent and are not owned by any manufacturers or banks. Therefore we can provide you with unbiased advice and ensure you remain in complete control. Furthermore, you also benefit from having the freedom of choice to combine multiple manufacturers within your technology estate.


With over 40 years of experience behind us, we like to think we've learned a thing or two along the way. Throughout our previous customer projects, we have gained valuable experience, which we put into practice to benefit our current and future customers.


We adhere to a strict code of conduct, and as such, our contracts provide you with complete transparency. Our pricing model provides you with fixed costs and 0% inflation, while also presenting you with all your options for the end of the contract term. Above all, we work with you to find the best solution.


We work to ISO principles and are a member of the Finance and Leasing Association as well as a recognised lessor on several leasing and managed services frameworks. We combine this financial and commercial competence with our technological expertise to provide maximum value to our customers.

International Reach

With a presence in 30 countries covering Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia and New Zealand. We can facilitate our service into one contract across multiple geographies and sites.

Single Point of Call

We provide a single point of contact for all of our customer's technology requirements. Whether it be an issue with the procurement of assets, the rollout of the assets, right through to our remarketing and data deletion service, we have a solution bespoke to you.

Proud Member of the UKWA

CHG-MERIDIAN UK are proud members of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA). The UWKA is Britain's leading trade organisation for the logistics sector and currently has over 900 members. 

As part of our membership, CHG UK will attend multiple events with the UKWA every year. If you are interested in finding out more click the button below. 


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