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For over 40 years, CHG-MERIDIAN has been helping a wide variety of public sector clients save both time and money, by providing customised leasing concepts, as well as cloud computing. How is this possible exactly? By enabling our customers to move to an ‘as a service’ model we can cover every aspect of the asset’s lifecycle meaning all you have to do is decide on the equipment you wish to rollout.

The True Cost of Doing Nothing Webinar

Digital transformation that doesn’t cost the earth; on Tuesday, 3rd October, CHG UK hosted 'The True Cost of Doing Nothing' webinar where we discussed how Microsoft Surface technology, combined with CHG’s flexible finance and asset management solution, can help you to create a sustainable IT lifecycle solution. Alongside Link Group who offer impartial advice on funding options, and procurement processes and can provide accounting advice around IAS 17 / IFRS 16.

We consider the public sector a key market and have built up a considerable portfolio of IT leased equipment, and cloud computing services in the UK and across Europe. By working with us, you can have the utmost confidence that you are doing so with someone who understands your pain and knows what they are doing.

Focusing on IT in the UK alone, we lease equipment to more than 500 local authorities, schools, academies, HE/FE institutions, universities and other public sector entities. Furthermore, we are ISO-certified to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 and are a member of the Finance & Leasing Association as well as a recognised lessor on several leasing frameworks.


  • NHS Supply Chain - Framework Agreement for the Supply of Leasing Solutions
  • Crescent Purchasing Consortium - Leasing Services Framework
  • Cambridge University Hospital NHS Trust - Financial Leasing Services Framework
  • Southampton NHS Foundation Trust - Financial Leasing Framework
  • Durham County Council - Framework for the Provision of Leasing Facilities
  • Glasgow Leisure Trust - Procurement of Operating Lease and Finance Lease Facilities
  • Crown Commercial Services Leasing and Loan Finance DPS
  • Hertfordshire Council Finance and Leasing DPS



Public Sector Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, otherwise known as cloud-based software, can be hugely beneficial for keeping your IT systems up to date. Software licensing can aid with flexibility, productivity and cash flow.

You can rely on our many years of experience with offering cloud computing services to our clients in the public sector industry, and beyond.

Public Sector Organisations We Service:

  • Schools / Educational Organisations
  • NHS Trusts / Healthcare Organisations
  • Local Councils



At the centre of all our public sector solutions is a financial model tailored to your needs, wants and desires. We have been providing finance solutions for over 40 years focusing on either an operating, finance or sale and leaseback solution.


An operating lease (also known as a residual-value based lease) allows for the use of an asset, but the lease term is short compared to the useful life of the asset. As a result, we take a residual value on the asset meaning the sum of rentals will be typically less than the original capital cost.


A finance lease is typically a full payout agreement; this means that the sum of the rentals includes the full capital cost of the equipment, plus the interest charges. A finance lease allows for the payments to be spread over the lease term, while also providing flexibility at the end of the contract.


We offer a sale and leaseback solution on a wide variety of assets. If your asset is less than 4 months old, we can pay you the original purchase price. If the asset is older than 4 months, we can offer you the net book value of the asset. This solution can be structured either as a finance lease
or an operating lease.

By using our sale and leaseback process, you can raise capital by selling your existing assets to CHG. There is zero disruption to your institution as you continue to retain all the benefits of usage yet transfer the risk of ownership and disposal to CHG.


We can provide solutions for institutions that do not have the required capital or revenue budgets for the current financial year but require an urgent supply of equipment.

  • A structured agreement can enable you to acquire equipment today and defer payments in line with budgets.
  • A deferred payment lease solution is available with an operating lease or finance lease.
  • During a deferral period, we will ensure that supplier invoices are settled on-time and in full, therefore allowing for the creation of a single lease schedule

Asset & Contract Management - tesma

tesma is our in-house asset and contract management system designed to provide end-to-end transparency and reporting for your technology management from both a financial and technical standpoint. Allowing you to know what assets you've got, where they are, and how much they really cost you.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Staying up-to-date with the latest IT technology is vital for any public sector institution, whether it be a government body or a further education college. It's clear to see that technology is here to stay and will become an even bigger part of the working world and learning environment in the future. A Device as a Service (DaaS) solution is the ideal procurement strategy that can help you to avoid costly cash purchases and keep your IT portfolio up-to-date with greater cost transparency. 

What is a DaaS solution?

DaaS is a model that allows you to avoid the pain of having major capital expenditure and long waits for an upgrade in assets. This model combines the cost of the hardware and the cost of the lifecycle services into one single contract in the form of a monthly subscription.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions (EMS)

In recent years the public sector has seen a significant shift in 'traditional working styles'. The standard 9-5 office hours that we once knew have become more and more redundant due to the rise of mobile technology. Mobile working has increased in popularity, in part because of the key advancements in mobile technology. But also because public sector institutions are now realising the increased flexibility that it offers can boost productivity and satisfaction levels among staff. 

graphic highlighting the cost savings CHG-MERIDIAN UK can enable on an iPhone 11

What is EMS?

Enterprise mobility is a growing trend whereby businesses offer their employees remote working options. This can be done through the use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and cloud-based technology that allows employees to work anywhere at any time. Our EMS solution combines the finance and asset management of the devices alongside all the extra lifecycle services you could hope for.

What services can EMS include?

Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) Service Catalogue by CHG-MERIDIAN UK

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