Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

As a family orientated business, we take our corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously. We are continually finding new ways to improve our business to be as environmental and socially responsible as possible.


Sustainability has been at the core of our business for more than 40 years. We offer equipment leasing with subsequent refurbishment in line with the principles of the resource-efficient circular economy. Sustainability is an ongoing process for us, and we are continually expanding our commitment in this area. In this context, we understand sustainability as the intersection of the three dimensions of economy, ecology and society. A holistic view of all three sustainability dimensions is essential for CHG-MERIDIAN to operate successfully in the long term.


CHG-MERIDIAN has been carbon-neutral across the business since 2021. 

All non-avoidable emissions are offset through selected climate change mitigation projects. We will carry on the measures introduced in recent years to reduce the CHG-MERIDIAN Group’s carbon footprint and continue refining them.


Offsetting carbon emissions is already a popular method to offset the damage caused to the environment by aviation. Offsetting can now go much further and is an important step that allows companies to operate more sustainably and to make a positive contribution toward climate change mitigation. That is why we are enabling companies to lease their IT assets in a carbon-neutral way through carbonZER0. This involves fully offsetting the CO₂ emissions generated during the production, transportation, use and end-of-life phase of leased IT assets. Payments for offsetting CO₂ are made via direct investments in certified and internationally recognised climate change mitigation projects – requiring no additional time or effort from customers.

Sustainability and circular economy

At CHG-MERIDIAN, we realise that only sustainable business models can be successful in the long term. This involves moving away from a linear economic model where products are manufactured, used, and then disposed of, and toward a circular model that focuses on repair and reuse. That is why we regard end-to-end lifecycle management as one of the biggest challenges of our time – and as the core discipline of our company.

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Lack of resources and climate change are topics in our society, and they are forcing companies to take new approaches. Society’s transition toward a circular economy is the result of a long-overdue change in thinking. At CHG-MERIDIAN, this way of thinking is firmly established in our business model and has shaped our actions for decades.


We support our customers along the entire lifecycle of their technology assets, from rollout and use to certified data deletion, refurbishing, and remarketing. Reusing devices instead of procuring and then disposing of them every time conserves resources and improves our environmental footprint.

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We have been refurbishing used equipment at our Technology and Service Centres for the past 15 years. Devices undergo visual and technical refurbishment in line with the principles of green IT. We also have a global network of certified refurbishing partners who recondition equipment locally to the highest standards. We are proud of our refurbishing rate of 96 per cent. But what about the rest? Any equipment that cannot be reused is sustainably returned to the material cycle through our certified recycling partners.


We have been successfully remarketing on the international secondary IT market for 40 years. By professionally refurbishing and remarketing IT equipment, we are able to extend its useful life. We also have an international network of certified partners. In 2022, we remarketed almost 924,000 assets in total. Every single one makes a difference and conserves valuable resources.

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Corporate Social Responsibility | Charity Partnership - Motor Neurone Disease Association

As part of our CSR scheme, our chosen charity for the next few years is the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA). Read more about our story below.

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Our Story

In May 2019, we received the unfortunate news that one of our dear colleagues, Frances Emery, sadly passed away.

Frances was with CHG MERIDIAN for over 20 years and was one of the most beautiful and genuine people you would ever hope to work with. This was devastating news for all of us, and especially many of our colleagues who worked very closely with Frances over this time. 

Frances was diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease some time ago, and as a result, had to stop working in April 2018. Many of her close friends and colleagues at CHG kept in regular contact with her, and she was always upbeat and positive about her situation, despite the awful nature of it. 

It is because of this terrible situation that we have decided to form a partnership with the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) as we attempt to support this wonderful charity in their fight against Motor Neurone Disease.

Click here to see a list of all the fundraising activities and events we have already done and also the future events we are running.

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Carbon Reduction Plan

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Flexible, Bespoke Financial Solutions

CHG-MERIDIAN is a specialist in technology solutions and finance for the IT, Healthcare & Industrial sectors. For over 40 years CHG has been helping customers save both time & money by providing them with customised financial solutions for their technology assets. CHG provides their customers with impartial, expert advice to support them in managing their technology lifecycle.


Flexible, bespoke solutions to cover the entire technology lifecycle

Creative financing concepts across the entire lifecycle of your IT equipment. We offer a well-designed service package, covering everything from consultancy to certified data deletion.

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Green Technology Remarketing

Eco-friendly remarketing process from CHG-MERIDIAN

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