Feb 3, 2021 | Egham

CHG-MERIDIAN introduces carbon-neutral IT leasing

• carbonZER0 available to customers in 27 countries
• Green financing option for carbon-neutral investment in IT infrastructure
• CO₂ offset payments go toward certified climate protection projects

The non-captive technology manager CHG-MERIDIAN is launching its first green financing option, carbonZER0. This new option is being introduced in 27 countries – and will enable companies to make carbon-neutral IT investments by offsetting the carbon emissions generated during the production, transportation, use phase, and end-of-lease phase of IT assets. CHG-MERIDIAN is thus enabling its customers to make a core aspect of their IT infrastructure more sustainable. 

Avoidance of CO₂ emissions creates a competitive edge

“Green and climate-friendly operations are increasingly becoming an important differentiating factor for companies. Many of our customers are pursuing ambitious sustainability targets and are mindful of their equipment’s environmental impact when it comes to IT procurement. The overall carbon footprint of the IT equipment is a key consideration. In carbonZER0, we have created a simple yet comprehensive solution for carbon-neutral – and thus more sustainable – investment in IT equipment,” says Oliver Schorer, member of the Board of Management and Chief Information Officer (CIO) at CHG-MERIDIAN.

A product is considered carbon-neutral if its CO2 emissions have been calculated and either avoided entirely or offset by making a payment to a certified climate protection project. The underlying principle is that greenhouse gases are dispersed equally in the atmosphere, regardless of where they were generated. If emissions cannot be avoided locally, they are offset elsewhere by a climate protection project that has been proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Just a few pence extra

To achieve carbon-neutral leasing, CHG-MERIDIAN works with an independent partner to determine the volume of emissions of different asset classes, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The CO2 emissions during production and transportation and electricity generation during the use and end-of-lease phases are translated into monetary amounts and added to the lease instalment. “The cost of making IT equipment carbon-neutral is just a few pence per asset per month. Our customers can simply add the service to their existing order without any additional hassle. We take care of everything for them, including making the offset payment to certified climate projects,” explains Oliver Schorer. The customer receives a certificate as proof of the CO₂ emissions saved. It can be viewed digitally in TESMA®, the technology and service management system from CHG-MERIDIAN, along with the information on which assets are carbon-neutral.

The offset payments under CHG-MERIDIAN’s carbon-neutral leasing scheme go toward four projects that are helping to protect the climate in different ways: solar power (Namibia), wind energy (Indonesia), rainforest conservation (Peru), and hydroelectric power (Sri Lanka). All these projects have been certified in accordance with internationally recognised standards and contribute to sustainable development in their countries in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN). CHG-MERIDIAN is prioritising three of the 17 SDGs: ‘quality education’, ‘affordable and clean energy’, and ‘responsible consumption and production’. Each of the selected climate projects contributes to at least two of these goals.

CarbonZER0 At a glance

Carbon-neutral financing of IT equipment

carbonZER0 is the first carbon-neutral leasing scheme for IT equipment that offsets all CO₂ emissions from production, transportation, the use phase, and the end-of-lease phase by means of offset payments to climate protection projects.

CHG-MERIDIAN is offering this option as a complete package comprising a range of services:

  • Determination of the volume of emissions using certified calculations 
  • Offsetting of the greenhouse gases generated during the production, transportation, use phase, and end-of-lease phase of the IT equipment
  • Selection of climate protection projects in accordance with internationally recognised standards 
  • Written evidence of the greenhouse gas savings, enabling customers to show how they are helping to mitigate climate change
  • Guarantee that the savings will only be used to offset CO₂ emissions once; the related certificates are subsequently retired in the official registers


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