Jan 28, 2019 | Egham

CHG-MERIDIAN UK expands into the industrial technology solutions market

• Experienced: Extended focus on material handling equipment
• Independent: Non-captive expertise for a more efficient industrial fleet
• Efficient: Lower Total Cost of Ownership – customers are reporting cash savings of up to 16 per cent

CHG-MERIDIAN UK, a non-captive specialist in technology management and finance, has recently added the financing and management of industrial equipment to its portfolio. Building on the recent growth of the IT and Healthcare sectors, CHG-MERIDIAN now provides its customers with a one-stop solution with a focus on material handling equipment including forklift trucks and pallet trucks.

The CHG-MERIDIAN group already has extensive experience helping a number of both large and small to medium-sized enterprises finance and manage their industrial fleet across Europe and America. By adapting the business model, and making it suitable for the UK market, CHG-MERIDIAN is confident that they will be able to add significant value to their UK customers day to day management of their fleet.

Simon Young, Vice President Sales UK and Ireland at CHG-MERIDIAN had this to say about the expansion of CHG-MERIDIAN’s services. “After positively helping our customers with their IT and Healthcare lifecycle management goals, we firmly believe we are well placed and have a model suited to bring maximum benefit to the industrial equipment sector. The industrial solutions sector is a growing market for the CHG-MERIDIAN group as a whole. We see great potential within the UK for the continuation of this growth and hope to support many customers as we help them to achieve their own business goals.”

CHG-MERIDIAN’s industrial technology solution focuses on eradicating some of the common customer pain points that we hear about: Common issues include having to deal with multiple suppliers, multiple leases and having to manage numerous contracts. Other issues customers encounter include having to manage maintenance agreements and lacking a clear plan for what happens with redundant equipment.

CHG-MERIDIAN’s approach to the market is to provide its customers with a simplified, bespoke solution. CHG-MERIDIAN can offer a complete one-stop service and can bundle their customer's industrial equipment (irrespective of manufacturer) together with any additional equipment that might be required i.e. batteries and charging points, alongside the servicing and maintenance elements.

Key facts about the financing and management of industrial equipment:

  • CHG-MERIDIAN’s solution can bundle all of this together into one simple lease agreement for the customer and can facilitate the rollout across, as many sites as required in Europe and America.
  • In addition to funding the customers current fleet, this solution puts the customer in a strong position to keep their equipment up-to-date by providing them with a pre-defined refresh period.
  • Once the original term is up, CHG-MERIDIAN can simply finance the future fleet and provide the same solution over again.
  • The whole solution is underpinned by CHG-MERIDIAN’s in house asset and contract management system, TESMA®. This web-based portal helps to keep the customer in complete control by providing them with a comprehensive overview of their commercial and technical data.



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The CHG-MERIDIAN Group provides efficient technology management for large and medium-sized companies as well as public-sector clients. It now serves more than 10,000 customers worldwide, managing technology investments worth a total of over €4.75 billion. The online-based TESMA® Technology and Service Management System provides more than 15,000 users with maximum transparency in technology management. The CHG-MERIDIAN Group has offices in 25 countries across the globe. Its headquarters are in Weingarten, Germany.

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