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Leading asset finance software using our in-house platform tesma. Manage all your finance for IT rental & leasing assets in one place with our asset finance software.

An introduction to asset finance software

For SME’s and large organisations who lease or finance their IT assets and therefore have a large number of devices within the estate, a system or software to manage the entire finance process can prove to be helpful. Asset finance software’s purpose is to assist in managing IT assets, such as asset tracking (whether its leased assets or your organisations own asset) and lastly associated contracts and invoice management.

Benefits of using asset finance software

With asset finance software in place, your business can reap many benefits, such as increased productivity, greater efficiency, profitability, and seamless inventory procedures. Helping to take better control of finances to ensure these improvements, asset finance software can integrate with your existing business tools to seamlessly track and manage in a way that will make day-to-day operations run like clockwork.

Departments asset finance software can benefit


  • Record financial data for each asset
  • Record payment flows for each asset
  • Allocate assets to cost centres
  • Overview of all invoices and asset details


  • Easy to integrate ERP systems and supplier shops


  • View what’s been ordered, what’s been installed and what’s still in storage.
  • Link your technical database to your financial data

Asset Finance Software – tesma

Our in-house asset finance software platform, tesma, provides end-to-end transparency for your technology management from both a financial and technical standpoint – allowing you to know what assets you’ve got where they are and how much they really cost you.

tesma aims to simplify the management of your IT, healthcare, and industrial assets. tesma is a modular system, and when signing up for the software, you will have the choice of as many or as little of the following modules:

  • Contract Management
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • e-Procurement
  • Asset Tracking
  • Own Asset
  • Data Bridge
  • Ticket Management
  • End of Life


Cardiff City Council Logo

"All equipment ordered through the leasing scheme is logged and monitored using the tesma asset finance software tracking system. This enables us to have instant access to a comprehensive database of assets procured via leasing and can be broken down on a school by school basis. In addition, we use the reporting tool to manage cross-charging of assets across multiple schools under the council’s control. With all data entered into the system by CHG-MERIDIAN, the council get maximum benefit from the system without the need to input additional information."

E-Learning Manager, Cardiff City Council

mid cheshire hospitals nhs foundation trust logo

“CHG-MERIDIAN provided us with a straightforward agreement that allowed us to keep our technology up-to-date and also allowed us to have a full rolling replacement, which was more cost-effective in the long run. Furthermore, this also gave us the power over the manufacturer to negotiate the best possible price on both the service element and also the capital cost. Lastly, CHG’s asset finance software system, tesma has provided us with complete transparency over the solution in addition to the bonus of VAT savings!”

Clive Mosby, Head of Procurement, Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


“The project is still in the early stage of strategy and design, but in CHG-MERIDIAN, we found the right answer in terms of flexibility and enthusiasm. We were very impressed by the initial consulting phase, their market expertise and by how they listened to our needs in terms of contractual options, multi-invoicing and asset management by location and by cost centre. CHG's in-house asset finance software web tool, tesma has been huge for us as it allows us to gain full transparency of both leased equipment and owned equipment, all on a single platform."

Infrastructure Manager, GERI HDP

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