A guide to artificial intelligence in healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising medical industries across the globe, offering the potential to improve everything from daily admin tasks to the creation of new drugs. In the age of technology and information, digitalisation is evolving a whole host of industries, and healthcare is set to continue the integration of AI to support crucial advancements.

What is artificial intelligence in healthcare?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the use of targeted algorithms that train computers to recognise and organise data, as well as completing specific tasks and identifying patterns within that data.

Within the healthcare industry, AI delivers data-driven support to medical professionals that can assist with daily tasks such as record management and health monitoring.

Examples of artificial intelligence in healthcare

There are many applications of AI in healthcare. Some are not widely used as yet, but as the industry is continuing to embrace technological advancements, we will see AI integrated into healthcare even more in the coming years. Some examples include:

Managing medical records

AI can help collect, store and analyse important data, including medical records. This can help medical professionals access the data they need faster and therefore work more effectively.

Treatment plans

By analysing a patient’s records, clinical research and expertise, AI can help to determine the best course of treatment for a patient, and assist medical professionals in finding a tailored and targeted treatment.

Drug creation

AI can contribute to the creation of new drugs by analysing data and existing medicines. Developing new drugs is costly and often takes years. However, AI can help to cut costs in this area of medicine and speed up drug creation.

Benefits of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Take the pressure off medical professionals

AI can help to automate routine tasks, such as data-entry and record management, reducing the time medical professionals need to spend on administrative jobs. This takes the pressure off their roles and allows them to focus on the care of their patients.

Improve diagnosis

With the ability to analyse data, clinical studies and medical records quickly and efficiently, AI can assist medical professionals with diagnosis conclusions, while also preventing misdiagnosis.

Health monitoring

The ability for us to monitor our own health through wearable technology such as the FitBit and Apple Watch has proven extremely popular. This can also help to provide medical professionals with data and insights into a patient’s overall health.

Challenges of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Adoptions issues

Change can be difficult in any industry, especially when something has been done a certain way for so long. Investors need to have evidence of the benefits of AI in healthcare and that medical communities can understand and use the technology within their daily roles.

Data privacy

Patient health data is considered sensitive, so there are privacy concerns over allowing technology to access these records. However, for AI to work in the best way possible, it needs a breadth of data and information.

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