How leasing technology in 2021 can benefit you

Having access to the right technology is crucial for the growth and success of businesses in all sectors. But that technology can prove to be costly, which is why businesses are increasingly turning to leasing to help them to access the equipment they need, when they need it, without upfront costs.

Leasing is a method of funding business assets, such as technology. Purchasing equipment in this way offers a whole host of commercial benefits, allowing businesses to access the technology they need in exchange for fixed monthly payments over an agreed period. At the end of the lease, the business can simply return the equipment, or upgrade to the latest technology.

Here are just some of the reasons why leasing technology can benefit you and your business in 2021:


With economic uncertainty set to continue for the rest of this year and beyond, leasing equipment will allow your business to remain flexible and quickly adapt to change without any financial risk.

Not only this, but with technology evolving at an incredible rate, new devices are being released and updated all the time. As a result, the equipment you buy now will likely be outdated within the next few years, leaving you to sell on outdated technology that is losing its value. With leasing, you can return the equipment at the end of the agreement and exchange it for the latest equipment, without incurring any loss.

Carbon Neutral Leasing

Sustainability is fast becoming a subject which has an intense focus on it in recent months and years. As a result, there are now carbon neutral leasing solutions beginning to be developed that allow customers to offset the carbon emissions their IT equipment generates in the production, transportation, use and end of lease phases. 

At CHG-MERIDIAN, we have developed our own carbon neutral IT leasing solution called carbonZER0

Cash flow

When you’re running a business, maintaining stable cash flow is key. With no significant upfront costs, leasing allows you to access the latest equipment while keeping as much cash as possible in the bank.

Your working capital can then be invested in other areas of the business, rather than in technological assets which will quickly depreciate.


With a lease, your monthly payments are fixed for the entire duration of the contract, and you won’t be affected by fluctuating interest rates. This means you’ll have predictable, fixed monthly expenses and will be able to budget more effectively and develop long-term plans and forecasting.

When you buy equipment outright, you will have to factor into your budget any potential maintenance and replacement costs. This can make managing your budget a lot more complex. Keeping your equipment up-to-date through a leasing scheme will also result in lower maintenance costs and less downtime.

Cost of purchase

Buying technology outright can involve a substantial upfront cost, whereas you'll rarely have to pay anything upfront with leasing. This means you can access the equipment you need, without having to hand over a large amount of cash or take out a loan or credit.

Without the upfront costs, leasing gives businesses the opportunity to access the equipment they need to evolve and expand. If they had to save up to buy this equipment outright, it could significantly slow their growth.

Cost of ownership

When you lease your technology, the total cost of ownership is usually lower than buying it outright, so over the full lease contract, you’ll spend less than the capital cost of buying the equipment. 

Securing funding

Because monthly lease payments are seen as a business expense rather than long-term debt, your accounts will look more attractive to potential funders if you’re looking for finance for other areas of your business.

Here at CHG-MERIDIAN, we offer a variety of flexible leasing solutions for businesses. To find out more about the benefits of leasing for your business in 2021 or to discuss our services and leasing options, please get in touch. You can also download our leasing whitepaper here.

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