Tesma® FAQ's for local authorities and government departments

Here we answer some of the common questions we receive from local authorities and government departments regarding our in-house asset and contract management system, TESMA®

What is TESMA®?

TESMA® is our in-house asset and contract management system designed to provide end-to-end transparency and reporting for your technology management from both a financial and technical standpoint. Allowing you to know what assets you’ve got, where they are, and how much they are really costing you. 


What are the main features of TESMA®?

TESMA® is a modular system that allows you to choose as many or as few of the following modules, contract management, invoicing, reporting, e-Procurement, asset tracking, own asset, data bridge, ticket management and lastly end of life. These modules come together to make flexible administration, financial control and accurate reporting possible. However, perhaps the most significant benefit that TESMA® brings to local authorities and government departments is that you can clearly see how old the devices are and TESMA® will inform you in advance when the equipment is due to be replaced. This allows you to efficiently plan your refresh cycle, ensuring you’ve always got access to the latest cutting edge technology, thus keeping your end users happy.

What are the most important modules within TESMA® for local authorities and government departments?

Based on our experience, the modules that prove the most beneficial for local authorities and government departments are the reporting and asset tracking modules. All the data needed for TESMA® is entered by us (CHG), which allows you to generate pre-defined individual reports broken down all the way to individual cost centres. The asset tracking module enables local authorities and government departments to gain control over both the equipment procured via CHG and also equipment you own. With TESMA®, you’ll have complete visibility over all of your devices, allowing you to track and trace equipment movement right through from ordering to rollback.

What departments can benefit from TESMA® the most?

From device configurations and usage patterns to available budgets, the system stores valuable information for a wide range of departments including accounting, controlling and IT. TESMA® uncomplicated and straightforward methods for transparent cost control, such as cost centre allocation at no extra effort or expense. Furthermore, IT decision makers benefit from the comprehensive views of the complete asset inventory, allowing them to see what’s been ordered, what’s been installed and what’s still in storage.

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How many assets does CHG-MERIDIAN currently track within TESMA®?

There are currently over 15,000 TESMA® users across the globe, with 7.2 million assets being managed within the system.

With TESMA® being an online web portal how secure is our data?

We regularly carry out security tests on TESMA®, and with a current rating of A+, TESMA® has the highest security rating currently available for web servers.

What makes TESMA® unique?

TESMA® harmonises the financial world with the technological world and collects a wide range of information covering equipment type, features, location, usage patterns, rental rates, cost centres, financing periods and consumable costs. A big selling point here is despite the level of information that TESMA® provides, the simplicity of the user interface hasn’t been compromised. TESMA® is a powerful tool, but the system remains easy to use and navigate. Also with it being a modular system, you are free to choose different setups for different users, meaning each user’s dashboard is customised to their needs meaning they can quickly navigate to what is relevant for them.

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