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Remote working is right on-trend. But what do you need to do so that your employees can work remotely without any problems? Read on to find out how we implemented the digital workplace within our own organisation.

The digital workplace plays an integral role in the digital transformation strategy of CHG-MERIDIAN. Remote working is becoming more important, both nationally and internationally, and the workplace has to be sufficiently flexible to enable this. Smartphones, tablets and laptops play a key role, but it is also important to consider software, apps and digital platforms and processes. 


Remote working requires the right IT equipment, which is why technical enablement is the cornerstone of our digital workplace strategy. We made workplace equipment, i.e. a laptop and a smartphone, available to all employees based on the requirements of each user. The shopping cart from which the employees can choose is continually updated and expanded, and each employee can select the devices that best suit their way of working. This includes lightweight tablets or Surface Books for employees who travel often, or bigger, more powerful laptops for those employees that need bigger screens or to install large software. They can also add any accessories they need, such as headphones.

The equipment can be used both for their work and privately. At the same time, a security solution ensures that all data is protected and deleted at the end of the lifecycle. 


Mobile devices are useless if the user cannot remotely access the information they need to complete their work, which is where software that provides access to this data comes into play. At CHG-MERIDIAN, we rely on a private cloud solution and the virtualisation of all our applications. We also work with collaboration tools, including Office 365, which grant our employees access to the data they need from anywhere. 

We have also digitalised a number of document, contract, and invoice management processes so that we are no longer reliant on paper. Furthermore, all service requests over the course of the device's lifecycle can be made digitally. If a device is lost or broken, a replacement device can be ordered through our self-service portal and sent to the employee's preferred address. The user experience is a key factor for us, which is why we place such a high value on the user-friendliness of our platforms.


Technology and software alone will not automatically lead to a successful outcome. They have to be used in the right way, which is why our digital workplace strategy also focuses on the employee. It is crucial to provide the employees with everything they need to work digitally. To facilitate this, we have introduced a flexible working time model that enables our employees to choose when and where to work.

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We also provide a wide range of support to ensure that remote working is a success, as the switch to a digital workplace calls for a certain amount of adjustment. Through our interactive e-learning platforms, we offer online training, FAQs, and how-to videos, and share helpful tips for remote working. An internal team of experts, comprising representatives from a variety of departments, moderates the classes and is on hand to help via live chat.

We also still offer face-to-face professional development options, as every employee has their preferred method of learning. A year ago, we came up with the idea of a digital workplace 'café' in order to get employees on board in face-to-face discussions. Here, they can meet our digital workplace experts for an informal chat over a cup of tea or coffee. We have now rolled out this idea worldwide.

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