Many types of medical equipment can be remarketed after hospitals move onto newer technology, but what are the benefits?

Many types of medical equipment, such as MRI scanners, CT scanners and X-ray equipment, can be remarketed after hospitals move onto newer healthcare technology. These items are still very much usable and whether they are sold on as-is or refurbished first, they can still perform for many years to come.

From hospital beds to infusion pumps, there can be hidden value in ageing equipment that you didn’t even realise. Healthcare Remarketing can bring about many benefits for both parties in the purchase of second-hand medical equipment.

The benefits of remarketing second hand medical equipment

Aside from providing those who need the equipment with what they’ve been looking for, there are many other benefits for the establishment choosing to remarket second-hand medical equipment.

Firstly, finding someone to help you remarket the equipment will take it out of your hands. Your equipment will be de-installed, collected, removed and remarketed for you, saving you money and time in the process.

Equipment needs to be disposed of or remarketed in a safe and secure manner, ensuring any sensitive or valuable information is removed and eliminated safely so it can’t be restored at any time. This data deletion service will be completed for you, again saving a lot of time when it comes to remarketing your medical equipment.

Inevitably, some equipment may be at the end of its life and need disposing of. If this is the case, equipment needs to be disposed of in an appropriate way, following any rules that apply. By choosing the right partners, you can be certain your equipment is being disposed of correctly and in accordance with WEEE directives. Sometimes equipment can have a significant scrap value, so you may still be able to receive cash back during the disposal process.

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