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About Aquafil

For over 50 years, Aquafil has been one of the leading players in the production of synthetic fibres. The group now has more than 2,700 employees and 15 plants, with operations in 8 countries. Aquafil has always been committed to a policy of environmental protection, back in 2008 Aquafil created an Energy and Recycling taskforce, to serve all the production structures of the group with the aim being to promote a culture of sustainability.

The Problem

Marco Zoia, ICT and Service Manager at Aquafil says “in the era of the circular economy, sustainability is at the core of our Group values as we want to achieve considerable energy savings. For many years, we have been incorporating recycled and recyclable material into our industrial process. We have recently sponsored and financed a number of projects in line with this vision, on which our business model is based. In line with our corporate philosophy, we were looking for a partner who shared the same values as us, and who could provide us with an operating lease facility for the procurement of our IT equipment. After carrying out an analysis of the various options within the market, we quickly realised that CHG-MERIDIAN matched our levels of commitment to the circular economy. Especially with reference to the management of the assets at the end of the lifecycle.”

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Marco Zoia, ICT and Service Manager, Aquafil

"CHG-MERIDIAN’s vision with reference to the circular economy was a key factor in the choice of partner for the operating lease solution”

The Solution

The principles of the circular economy are deeply embedded in the company’s DNA and have been shaping the business model for decades. It covers the entire lifecycle from procurement and use, to data erasure, refurbishing and remarketing. 95% of the equipment CHG-MERIDIAN receive back is remarketing and given a second life. Any equipment that can not be reused is sustainably returned to the material cycle through our certified recycling partners.

One of CHG-MERIDIAN’s unique selling points was their online asset and lifecycle management tool, TESMA®. This tool makes the management of the devices throughout the lifecycle simple and straight forward. TESMA® really comes into its own at the end of the lease as it assists with the disposal of the assets. The whole process is managed directly in TESMA® thanks to some important customisations that CHG-MERIDIAN were able to implement according to our requirements.

“CHG-MERIDIAN’s vision with reference to the circular economy was a key factor in the choice of a partner for the operating lease. We have thus undertaken an important project that has gradually involved the entire IT portfolio of our company: datacentres, desktop PCs, printers and even smartphones”
Marco Zoia, ICT and Service Manager, Aquafil


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