Robot Surgeon Lease is a work of heart

Eastbourne District General Hospital was formed after the creation of the National Health Service in 1948, although it became apparent that the existing resources would not be enough to cover the cost of all necessities and amenities required.

Significant time and cost savings generated for Eastbourne District General Hospital


Eastbourne District General Hospital knew there was a requirement for a da Vinci Robot that would allow laparoscopic, also known as keyhole, surgery to the most advanced levels available. At a cost of £1m, the trust required a leasing product to spread the costs over an agreed term.


CHG-MERIDIAN assisted the hospital with the financial structuring of a lease to enable an immediate purchase but also negotiated a long-term maintenance agreement which ensured the lifetime costs would not increase.


The agreement for a fixed consumables cost, alongside a large discount from the manufacturer for a fast guaranteed order produced unprecedented savings on a project of this size. When the time comes to upgrade the Davinci Robot to the latest product, the hospital will be in a significantly better position to do so, as a valued client.

da vinci robot healthcare technology
The machinery would usually cost in excess of £2 million and would have taken several years to raise the funds. It is exceedingly good news for future patients who will benefit from minimally invasive surgery with less pain and quicker recovery times. As of now, the robot has been in use for nearly 6 months and a substantial number of patients have seen the benefits of it. CHG-MERIDIAN's help has been greatly appreciated and we could not have achieved the success that we have without their assistance.
Friends Chairman, Eastbourne District General Hospital
The urology department is very excited by this exceptional donation. It will allow shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery & better cancer outcomes. I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has helped with this project. This is a massive development for the surgeons, the hospital & the patients. I know how much effort everyone has made & I cannot believe the speed things have happened. It just shows what can be done when the right people are determined to achieve something.
Consultant Urologist, Eastbourne District General Hospital

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