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CHG-MERIDIAN's Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) offers your business a unique mobility strategy, which enables you to keep up-to-date with the latest technology, whilst managing your assets from deployment to refresh.

What is Business Mobility?

Enterprise mobility (also known as 'business mobility') is a growing trend whereby businesses offer their employees remote working options. This can be done through the use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and cloud-based technology that allows employees to work anywhere at any time. Enterprise mobility has grown in recent years thanks to a shift in the traditional business model. Employees are now demanding greater flexibility in their working life’s, seeking a better work-life balance, increased flexibility regarding working hours and the ability to work from home. By embracing enterprise mobility businesses can attract the top talent, increase current employee productivity and employee efficiency. Many organisations are currently locked into a ‘bundled’ mobile package whereby the cost of the hardware and the cost of airtime are bundled into one cost. The effect of this is the cost of the handset is essentially hidden within your monthly bill leaving the illusion that the handset is ‘free’. In reality, this isn’t the case as you’ll probably be paying for the handset with a hidden charge of around 30% on top. We allow our customers to break free from the ‘bundled package’ that network providers are offering today. We accelerate the unbundling process and can provide benefits such as lowering your total cost of ownership, greater transparency and increased flexibility.

Unbundling your smartphones with CHG-MERIDIAN can save you 14.3% (£204) per handset.
Based on a Vodafone 24-month contract, iPhone 12, unlimited data (5G ready), unlimited calls, unlimited texts *data correct as of 27.01.2021*

How does enterprise mobility help?


  • 240 hours of work gained a year*
  • 75% Boost in productivity**
  • 48% Increase in customer issue resolution**
  • 42% Improved customer satisfaction**


*Source: iPass Mobile Workforce Report

** Source: Forrester, Enterprise and SMB Networks and Telecommunications Survey, North America and Europe

What's included in our Enterprise Mobility Solution?

Our Solution includes the following products and services

  • Hardware
  • Case
  • Screen Protector (supplied & fitted)
  • DEP/Knox Enrolment
  • OS Updates
  • DOA Checks
  • Device Charging
  • Delivery
  • 24 month Break/Fix
  • tesma
  • Return Logistics
  • Data Erasure
  • Telecoms Expense Management
  • Multi-Network SIMS
  • Airtime Solution


  • Full lifecycle management support from delivery to rollback
  • Full portfolio analysis - identify cost savings and added service benefits
  • Savings on procurement and analysis of reseller environment
  • Smooth rollout and care of the devices throughout the assets life
  • Continuous support to all employees available 24/7
  • Asset care - buffer stock, quick device replacement
  • Protect your corporate mobile communication and permit only certified apps with complete mobility security
  • Flexible financial solutions
  • Asset management via tesma: detailed cost allocation, no hidden costs thanks to a transparent breakdown of mobile costs for each individual user
  • Collection of assets aligned with refresh at a location & date of your choice
  • Fully certified data deletion, approved by the NCSC & BSI, which can help with your GDPR requirements
  • A complete enterprise mobility suite offering complete asset management and control from delivery to rollback

Service Catalogue

Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) Service Catalogue by CHG-MERIDIAN UK

Preparation Phase Advantages

  • No additional workload for the IT-team
  • No hassle with receiving and processing partial orders
  • Fewer damages during the productive phase. Protection is attached before roll-out
  • No overload of the IT-network due to upgrade/update firmware
  • Most recent firmware, no hassle with restoring back-ups

Roll-Out Phase Advantages

  • No additional workload for the IT-team besides their daily operations
  • CHG can fulfil the roll-out across as many or as few sites as required. Saving you the hassle of finding an additional logistics partner
  • CHG can manage end-user agreements and indemnity forms aligned with HR-policies
  • End users are able to use the device directly

Useful Life Phase Advantages

  • CHG take care of the entire repair process
  • Predictable costs for break-fix during the useful life
  • One single platform for managing stock, logging defective, lost and stolen devices
  • No additional administration. The customer will receive a swapped/repaired device while theirs is fixed and then placed back in stock

End-of-Life Phase Advantages

  • Collection and secure transportation at a time and date convenient for you
  • Certified data deletion approved by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the British Standards Institution (BSI)
  • Recycling inline with WEEE directives
  • Complete remarketing service that complies with the principles of green IT and the circular economy
“I am very satisfied with the cooperation between our companies thanks to the flexibility and transparency CHG can offer us from a technological and financial point of view. The EMS solution is a valuable tool for any companies mobile strategy thanks to its adaptable model to match the customer’s needs.”
Luciano Manini, Chief Technology Officer, Miroglio

Enterprise Mobility Solutions FAQs


Unbundling essentially means you buy the handset and tariff plan separately rather than it being rolled into one monthly price.


Tech funds are not a sustainable model, and as such we have seen them abandoned in other countries. Network providers have typically used tech funds as a means to attract and retain customers with ‘free money’. Of course, it’s not free money, and there is no real added value here as the price is again hidden within the tariff package. We have already seen customers move away from this model as it doesn’t provide organisations with the transparency and flexibility that they are demanding now.


Mobile device management or MDM for short is an essential part of enterprise mobility management. MDM is a type of security software that allows organisations to manage, secure and enforce policies on employee’s mobile phones. Leading MDM providers include AirWatch, MobileIron and Citrix. MDM software can often be combined with additional security tools such as Mobile Application Management to ensure comprehensive security for mobile devices.


Mobile phones are generally the quickest evolving pieces of technology on the market today. Having an enterprise mobility solution in place ensures that your technology is always up-to-date, which can result in increased employee productivity by providing the best possible tools for the job. Furthermore, this shorter lifecycle means that devices are being moved in and out of the business more quickly than a laptop or PC. It’s imperative that organisations can keep track of and manage these assets, their usage patterns and their costs effectively, which an end-to-end mobility strategy can help to do. Of course, mobile phones are liable to damage, and therefore an end-to-end mobility strategy is not complete without repair services. This can be provided in the form of a break-fix or direct replacement capacity agreement. There is no extra burden placed on the end user here, all they simply have to do is take their broken device to the service desk where they receive a direct replacement. The broken device is then taken to a logistics centre whereby it is repaired and placed back into the customers stock pool. All of which can be underpinned by an asset and contract management system


Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) refers to a set of services, technology, processes, and policies that an organisation would use to secure and manage the use of corporate and employee-owned mobile devices within the workplace. In essence, EMM works to protect corporate data and ensure the security of said data and the relevant systems. 


Very secure. A proper enterprise mobility strategy will take into account everything needed to make the whole solution secure. This includes an MDM which allows you to monitor, manage and secure your employees' mobile devices, while also considering the need for certified data erasure when the devices are due to be returned to delete any potentially sensitive data. 


Yes, via an MDM, you can permit which apps can be present on the devices. 


At CHG-MERIDIAN, we offer a direct replacement capacity or buffer stock scheme. What this means is we provide an additional pool of devices that will be kept on-site at the customer's premises. If an employee's device is then lost, broken or stolen, this can be reported in our asset management system (tesma), and the end-user can swap their defective device for a replacement from the buffer stock. 


Management of the devices is usually done through Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. This type of software allows you to monitor and manage corporate or personally owned mobile devices. 


Telecoms Expense Management, or TEM for short, is a service that was created so businesses could get a better grip and oversight on their mobile devices and services. TEM aims to provide greater visibility into the mobile phone estate and highlight areas where cost savings can be made. TEMs features include inventory management, invoice management, audit and dispute, call accounting and cost allocation, usage management, and contract management.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Mobile phones are one of the most complex technology assets to manage within the workplace. The fast-moving nature of the technology combined with corporate-owned smartphones, tablets and employee-owned devices can be challenging for an IT team to manage. Enterprise Mobility Management, or EMM for short, is a solution that helps business to manage and secure their enterprise mobility fleet while integrating with their IT infrastructure.

Although EMM requirements will differ from one company to the next, generally speaking, the scope of an EMM solution will focus on security, application integration and management of the devices. This could relate to asset tracking and reporting, help desk support, device diagnostics, whitelist/blacklist applications, content management etc.  

When evaluating which EMM solution is right for your business, you need to consider the ever-changing market of mobility. EMM solution providers have a responsibility to stay at the top of the game and adapt to changing market conditions. Some of the best providers in this space include VMware AirWatch, Citrix XenMobile, BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Management, IBM MaaS360 and MobileIron. Although there are many factors to consider, these names will give you good starting base, and with security being such a big focus point for many of our clients we’d recommend spending time devising an appropriate EMM business plan. This will help to ensure you’re getting the solution your business requires.

Confidence with CHG-MERIDIAN


We are completely independent and are not owned by any manufacturers or banks. Therefore we can provide you with unbiased advice and ensure you remain in complete control. Furthermore, you also benefit from having the freedom of choice to combine multiple manufacturers within your technology estate.


With over 40 years of experience behind us, we like to think we've learned a thing or two along the way. Throughout our previous customer projects, we have gained valuable experience, which we put into practice to benefit our current and future customers.


We adhere to a strict code of conduct, and as such, our contracts provide you with complete transparency. Our pricing model provides you with fixed costs and 0% inflation, while also presenting you with all your options for the end of the contract term. Above all, we work with you to find the best solution.


We work to ISO principles and are a member of the Finance and Leasing Association as well as a recognised lessor on several leasing and managed services frameworks. We combine this financial and commercial competence with our technological expertise to provide maximum value to our customers.

International Reach

With a presence in 30 countries covering Europe, North America, South America and Australia and New Zealand. We can facilitate our service into one contract across multiple geographies and sites.

Single Point of Call

We provide a single point of contact for all of our customer's technology requirements. Whether it be an issue with the procurement of assets, the rollout of the assets, right through to our remarketing and data deletion service, we have a solution bespoke to you.


CHG-MERIDIAN UK Enterprise Mobility Solutions Product Overview

Enterprise mobility solutions product overview (PDF 1MB)

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