Is converging technology the future of the workspace?

Keeping pace with the latest technology and trends can be a real challenge in today's world, with staying one step ahead almost impossible. We take a look at one of the latest digital trends to impact the Enterprise Mobility world - convergence.

It's hard to imagine a world now where smartphones do not exist. Our mobiles have quickly become an integral part of our working and personal lives. With more power, capacity and freedom than was ever thought possible, all available in our pockets, we now live in a world where we are constantly connected. 

Connecting desktops and mobiles therefore is only a matter of time with results from a recent Decision Maker Mobile Technology Survey confirming the current acceleration in the convergence of desktops and mobiles: 

  • 83% of firms said they planned to converge their PC management and Enterprise Mobility management strategy and teams
  • 44% of firms say they planned to do this convergence within the next 12 months

Big name brands such as Samsung, Microsoft, HP, and more recently, Dell are all providing technology that can transform your mobile phone into a fully functioning desktop, thus proving that this convergence is already well underway.

It has been said before with mobiles providing access to email, web browsers and the Microsoft Office package that 90% of our tasks can in fact be completed on a mobile device. With our mobiles now being able to provide access to a larger screen, a keyboard and a mouse it raises the possibility of this being the new normal. 

Find out more about CHG-MERIDIAN's Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) that can offer your business a unique mobility strategy, enabling you to keep up-to-date with the latest technology, whilst managing your assets from deployment to refresh.

"For years we thought of an office, a desk and a 9-5 schedule as the everyday reality of working life. However due to the rise in Enterprise Mobility this is soon becoming the workspace of the past. A key factor in this generational shift is the convergence of desktops and mobiles. With the increase in flexibility that mobile working provides being linked to an increase in employee engagement, productivity and harmony we fully expect this to be a trend to keep an eye on."
Danny Persaud, Head of Sales Corporate

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