Software finance solutions

Software finance is becoming more and more common in the corporate world. Software is ever-evolving, and a lot of thought needs to go into the correct selection, implementation, and administration of enterprise software. Financing your software is a great way to stay up-to-date with all the latest software updates, while also preserving your cash reserves for other investments.

Software financing

Previously software financing was almost unheard of heard, nowadays the software market is thriving. We can finance a wide variety of software programmes including, ERP or CRM solutions, CAD systems, virtualisation software, Microsoft software, stock control software etc. We provide effective answers with our highly efficient customised business concepts for licensing management and financing - a one-stop service for global, field-tested solutions. 

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Why software finance?

  • All the benefits of leasing: no impact on the balance sheet, greater liquidity, better equity ratio, reduced taxes, and optimised company KPIs
  • Internal and external costs of rolling out software are also included
  • Integration of all costs into the lease payment
  • Funding commitment on request over the full project cycle and subsequent useful life
  • Flexible adaptation in the event of delays, changes, or budget adjustments


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TESMA® Asset and Contract Management System

Make use of all opportunities: intelligent financial control and expense-related cost allocation.

  • Intelligent financial control via the web-based TESMA® technology and service management system
  • 100% technical and commercial transparency of finance and cash flows
  • Simplified, source-related identification, reporting, and budgeting of licenses and project expenses
  • Audit-proof determination and calculation of transfer prices
  • Simplified listing of expenses for foreign subsidiaries

CHG-MERIDIAN | Cloud-based investment

Cloud-based investments can be hugely beneficial if old legacy systems or data servers are preventing your business from updating IT hardware and moving forward. Software licensing will not only provide improved productivity, but also offers flexibility to your business and will help manage cash flow.

Whether you need CRM or ERP solutions, MS Dynamics or Salesforce, we can provide software licencing that is effective and efficient for your business. CHG-MERIDIAN can also bundle multiple licences together depending on your needs and provide you with the financial, market and technology expertise that offers simplified solutions and independence. 

The software licences can be billed in a way that financially works for you, either yearly, monthly, quarterly or as deferred payments. This also provides the benefit of tax planning, as your licensing agreement is deductible against your company’s corporation tax.

Finally, once you’re all set up, you will have the full support of CHG-MERIDIAN, where our expert team have in-depth experience of business and commercial accounting, as well as licencing and tax law. This effective use of software will always ensure you’re fully compliant and making the greatest potential savings in IT budgets for your company.

Why CHG-MERIDIAN for Software Financing

You can rely on our many years of experience: get started with new software without any hitches. 

  • Efficient and customised business concepts for the commercial and technical management of software and technology investments
  • Over 40 years of experience as an international finance and technology manager
  • Expertise gained from over 8,000 customer projects
  • Maximum support and increased project security during all software lifecycle phases
  • Neutral and independent when selecting technologies and finance
  • Objective appraisal of software implementation partners from comparative projects
  • Stronger negotiating position thanks to CHG-MERIDIAN’s knowledge of markets and pricing
  • Systematic license management including returns or updates/upgrades of out-of-date licenses
  • Support for license auditing to keep down software costs
  • Single point of contact for hardware, software, and infrastructure
  • Services also include support for tenders, obtaining quotes, cost allocation, financial control, and software audits

CHG-MERIDIAN has the know-how to master the complexities of software rollouts. This leads to a clear value proposition: we increase project security and reduce the total costs for our customers.


The greatest potential for savings in IT budgets lies in the effective and efficient use of software. Take advantage of our expertise in licensing options and other aspects of license management.

Danny Persaud

Head of Sales - UK & Ireland Corporate

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