Dr. Mathias Wagner, Chairman of the Board of Management at CHG-MERIDIAN, looks back on 2017 and provides an optimistic outlook for the future.

2017 was another encouraging year for CHG-MERIDIAN: Our lease origination increased by 8% to €1.24 billion. Our customers in the IT, industrial, and healthcare sector are making greater use of digital technology, which enabled us to again achieve strong and profitable growth in 2017.

As a specialist in non-captive technology management and financing, we are optimistic that we can continue this growth in 2018. We still have huge potential for growth in our existing markets through greater market penetration of our solutions. We are also seeing increasing demand from international customers.

Thanks to our presence in 22 countries and 35 sites, we have the necessary geographical diversification. We are located where our customers are and can support them with their technology investments abroad. In 2017, around 50% of the Groups lease origination was generated outside the Company’s home market of Germany.

A key factor in our future success is the global connectivity of our employees, who form an international community united by a shared set of values. A commitment to mutual respect, dependability, and transparency – this is the basis for our thoughts and actions, both in our work with customers and within the Company.


The focus for 2018 is on the implementation of our digital strategy

In 2018, we aim to improve both customer-facing and internal processes as part of our digital strategy. CHG-MERIDIAN itself can make better use of digital technology to further automate, simplify, and accelerate its processes and benefit from the advantages that this creates.

Companies are increasingly willing to help their employees make better use of digital technology to maintain their competitiveness. Our IT solutions, particularly our Enterprise Mobility Solution, supports this trend.

The Company’s portfolio of solutions provides us with considerable growth potential in our markets. The increasing complexity of technology management is driving demand for one-stop solutions – and thanks to our customised solutions that support the customer through every phase of the technology lifecycle, we are well-placed to satisfy their needs.


Diversification in the industrial and healthcare technology sectors pays off

Under its corporate strategy, CHG-MERIDIAN focuses not just on IT but also on industrial and healthcare technology. Industrial technology business predominantly consists of investments by large companies in industrial machinery, automation, intralogistics and material handling equipment. The healthcare technology business encompasses the core medical equipment, such as CT scanners, ventilators, and infusion pumps, used by hospitals and other healthcare providers.

By further specialising in these two sectors, we provide our customers with an all-round view of the total costs of a technology investment. Such costs are normally far higher than the actual initial investment, and there is no transparency regarding these costs over the entire lifetime of the equipment. This means valuable efficiency and cost aspects are not utilised.


The success of CHG-MERIDIAN, as a service provider, depends on how well, how quickly, and how professionally we collaborate every day for the benefit of our customers. Whether with the customers themselves, on internal projects, in teams, in departments, between departments, or as part of cross-border processes. Collaboration requires us to treat each other with respect, to be reliable, to show responsibility, and to communicate and operate transparently. That is our philosophy.


Dr. Mathias Wagner

Chairman of the Board of Management, CHG-MERIDIAN AG


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"A key factor in our future success is the global connectivity
of our employees, who form an international community united
by a shared set of values.”
Dr. Mathias Wagner