Circular Economy


In 2019 the spotlight was firmly on environmentally friendly practices, and how we, as individuals, can reduce our carbon footprint. However, although many initiatives are being introduced to reduce the amount of single-use plastic and practices such as off-setting emissions remain popular. To really make a difference we need large corporations to make a stand and pledge to encourage sustainable business and the circular economy.

The principles of the circular economy are deeply embedded in our DNA and have been shaping our business model for decades. Our IT lifecycle management solution helps us to optimise device use and lengthen the useful life of the device. Our business model focuses on repair and reuse; that is why we regard end-to-end lifecycle management as the core discipline of our business. Focusing on all phases of the lifecycle we support our customers along the lifecycle of their IT, Healthcare and Industrial technology assets, from deployment and the useful life. Right through to the refurbishing and remarketing of the equipment. Reusing devices instead of procuring and then disposing of them every time helps to conserve resources and improve our environmental footprint.  


For the past 15 years, we have been refurbishing used equipment at our Technology and Service Centres for use on the secondary market. All the devices undergo visual and technical refurbishment in line with the principles of green IT and the circular economy. To further ensure our low carbon footprint, our warehouse uses natural and renewable energy sources such as solar energy and biomass fuel. We are proud to say we have a refurbishing rate of 96%, but what happens to the rest? Any equipment that cannot be reused is sustainably returned to the material cycle through our certified recycling partners.


The basis of our business model is built on our remarketing expertise, and as such, we have been successfully remarketing on the international secondary IT market for over 40 years. We professionally refurbish and remarket nearly 700,000 assets a year in total – every single one makes a difference and conserves valuable resources.

Data Deletion

Certified data deletion at the end of term is essential if the equipment is to be reused within the circular economy. In our mind, data security starts with choosing the equipment and classifying the security levels. Whether it is SSD, hybrid or flash memory in laptops, tablets, smartphones or even printers, we offer a precise and cost-effective data deletion solution. This ensures that data is protected when equipment is reused.

Our Values


An end-to-end approach to lifecycle management makes it possible to rethink traditional business models and procurement methods regarding sustainability. 


By refurbishing used equipment, we are making an active contribution to conserving natural resources.


Our certified data deletion prepares equipment for reuse by returning it to its original state.


Our extensive remarketing experience enables us to increase the life of technology equipment and prepare it for sustainable reuse. 

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