As an innovative technology manager with decades of experience, CHG-MERIDIAN can maximise cost transparency, identify potential savings and, help you to achieve these savings.

Anything can be written on a piece of paper, but this does not make it a true reflection of reality. Anyone who thinks that calculating the total cost of ownership for your technology estate is a trivial matter, which involves adding up the numbers in quotations and price lists will be in for a shock at the end of the year. It is not only the acquisition cost that is critical but also factors such as usage patterns, servicing and maintenance requirements, loss or damage charges and location-specific influences. Creating lasting transparency is anything but trivial.

Medium-sized businesses and international corporations should not simply accept a ‘good price’ for smartphones, for laptops and per PC for example. The same goes for the management of material handling vehicle fleets and for capital expenditure on medical equipment. It is important to consider all the costs over the entire lifecycle of the assets, including all internal and external resources for operation, servicing, and remarketing. This is the only way to be sure of making well-informed decisions about acquiring assets, obtaining funding, and finding partners. Ultimately, this is the only way to put the facts on the table that will convince the CFO.

The key to TCO is maximum, accurate transparency. This can only be provided by an independent organisation that: has in-depth market knowledge. That is not tied to any suppliers or service providers. That operates worldwide and has local expertise. That develops funding concepts that will not put a strain on the balance sheet. That uses an asset management system, which can provide centralised, transparent information, even about complex, decentralised projects.

Efficient Technology Management® that meets your requirements – this is what we offer. Contact us now and you will know what is going on rather than having to believe what the piece of paper says.


“Do you know what costs your capital expenditure project will actually incur over the entire lifecycle?”
“Do you always have objective information at your fingertips about whether your infrastructure project is still on track?”
“Do you know what factors determine the success or failure of an international rollout?”
Ralf Behrning, Vice President Sales, France

“Those who make decisions about capital expenditure need to be able to objectively and independently assess all the facts throughout the lifecycle and know what their options are.”


We are on hand to discuss your TCO with you.

Ralf Behrning

Executive Vice President Sales Western Europe

Danny Persaud

Head of Sales - UK & Ireland Corporate

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