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What can you put on digital signage?

When it comes to digital signage, the options are endless. From text and images, through to videos, menus, adverts, and social media feeds, digital signage can be used to display a wide variety of information.

Digital signage is content displayed across digital screens or displays, presenting information in an engaging, attention-grabbing way.

And, when it comes to digital signage, the options are endless. From text and images, through to videos, menus, adverts, and social media feeds, digital signage can be used to display a wide variety of information. There are also a variety of different types of digital signage available to meet your specific needs.

Of course, as with any signage, if you want to ensure your message is delivered to the right people at the right time, the content must be engaging and well-managed. Here are just some ideas for what you can display using digital signage.


Digital signage can be used to display text of all kinds. From instructions and guidelines, through to timetables and meeting room schedules, digital displays can convey the messages you need, quickly and efficiently.

Or, if you are looking to boost your employees’ moods, inspire those working out in the gym, or simply bring a smile to your customers’ faces, displaying motivational quotes can have a positive impact.


Digital signage lends itself perfectly to displaying images. This could include product imagery, your team or specially created graphics. Whatever images you use, ensure they are high quality and attention-grabbing.

Video content

Video is the ideal type of content for digital signage. In fact, customers are far more likely to stop and watch moving content than information that is static.

Whether you are showcasing examples of your work, footage of your products in action, your latest video ads, or even clips of staff or customers talking about your business, displaying it as video content is a significantly engaging medium.  

As well as longer-length video content, it’s also possible to use shorter GIF content. Netflix used GIF content in a reactive campaign that saw digital displays responding to weather, social trends, and more in real-time. 

image of a digital Netlfix/Breaking Bad advert

Social media feeds

You don’t necessarily need to create brand new content to feature on your digital signage; repurposing content can also be extremely effective.

Many businesses use their digital signage to display their social media feeds, including their Instagram posts and latest tweets. You can also incorporate interaction, promoting customers, colleagues, or passers-by to share posts with a specific hashtag. These posts can then be shared on the digital display. 

Your website

Another way to promote your business via your digital signage is to display your company’s website. This is a great option for meeting rooms, reception areas, and entrance areas within office buildings and communal spaces. Displaying your website in stores is an effective way to show off the latest deals and offers. 

And it doesn’t have to be your own site; you can display any URL.

Practical information

Digital signage isn’t just for displaying engaging and entertaining content. It can also be used to share important, practical information.

This could include displaying meeting schedules, room booking information, safety information and parking information.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, The Emergency Route Project used digital signage to help the emergency services make their way through the city’s traffic. Using an app, ambulance GPS systems were connected to digital billboards along the city’s roads. When the ambulance was approaching, the signs would display messages advising drivers they needed to pull over within a specific amount of time.

example of digital signage that coordinates traffic to pull over advising that a emergency vehicle is coming through


Bars, cafes, and restaurants are increasingly using digital signage to display their menus. As well as looking impressive and allowing the business to customise the display to suit their business and their customers. This also allows the menus to be easily updated when products or prices change, or items sell out for the day.

You can even display images of menu items alongside the information.


Your digital signage can also be used to stream live news. This is particularly useful if your signage is located in a reception or waiting area, or in an office where your team need to stay up to date with the latest breaking or industry news.

Likewise, you can also show the weather, financial markets, and traffic updates.

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