CHG-MERIDIAN help GERI HDP with their growing need for a simple global asset management system that can provide complete reporting across the whole portfolio.

Full transparency across the entire IT portfolio


GERI HDP Holding was founded in 2007 – a holding group that brings together the other companies under the group's umbrella and coordinates management activities through centralised offices. The group consists of more than 500 employees, with branches in Italy, Germany, Romania, Spain and the UK. 

The Requirement

In the past, GERI HDP had teamed up with a partner who provided rental services along with IT equipment. However, this agreement was inevitably fraught with issues that resulted in a lack of flexibility regarding the manufacturer of the equipment, problems with contractual deadlines and conflicts between IT and administration. Due to the companies growth across Europe, they were now growing a need for a global vision of IT assets across the various companies and optimised cost centre management. Furthermore, what the customer really required was a more flexible partner who can provide them with the freedom of choice in terms of IT equipment and contractual types.

The Solution

GERI HDP turned to CHG-MERIDIAN by virtue of CHG's international expertise, the transparency of the economic value in the tender, but mainly thanks to TESMA®. CHG’s in-house contract and asset management web tool. TESMA® allows the customer to monitor and track their IT assets across various locations in a simple and flexible way, by city and by cost centre. The own asset module has been particularly helpful in allowing GERI HDP to gain full transparency of both leased equipment and owned equipment on a single platform, providing complete reporting across the whole portfolio.

“The project is still in the early stage of strategy and design, but in CHG-MERIDIAN we found the right answer in terms of flexibility and enthusiasm. We were very impressed by the initial consulting phase, their market expertise and by how they listened to our needs in terms of contractual options, multi-invoicing and asset management by location and by cost centre. Such a solution allows us to maintain control over our IT budget, the equipment we use in addition to allowing us to optimise our internal management and save time – all from a single partner.”
Francesco Sorgato, Infrastructure Manager, ​GERI HDP

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