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CHG-MERIDIAN helps to support the Haufe Group with its digital transformation process. Head of IT, Andreas Plaul explains which services he uses for maintenance, asset management, data deletion and to supplement their end-user computing fleet.

Assisting Haufe with the digital transformation

About The Haufe Group

The Haufe Group is one of the leading media and software companies in Germany and is considered a pioneer of digital transformation. From the core areas of a traditional publishing house, the Haufe Group has become a digital pioneer in digital and web-based offerings. With its integrated workplace and overall solutions, it offers customers digital services for the successful structuring of their tax, economic and legal duties.

How does CHG-MERIDIAN support you with your IT requirements?

A Plaul: Our aim is not only to offer customers an outstanding user experience. We also aim to equip our employees with the best IT equipment on the market that will best support their work. As a result, we need our end-user devices (such as laptops, Macs, iPads and mobile phones) to be refreshed more often than they once were in the past to keep up with the latest technology innovations. 

For us, the cost can be a particular challenge in this scenario. Innovative finance models from CHG enable us to stay on top of these costs. Furthermore, CHG provides us with extra services, including asset management, data deletion and recycling options that help us to keep our IT costs to a minimum. Overall this makes the whole solution more manageable for us.

How does CHG-MERIDIAN support you with managing your equipment lifecycle?

A Plaul: Ideally, we want all employees to have a positive user experience with minimal interaction with the IT department. Thankfully, CHG takes care of the rollout and rollback of the devices, along with providing all the maintenance and a quick turnaround if a device needs to be sent back or exchanged. CHG’s solution minimised both costs and time, at the end of the lifecycle they ensure that all devices are erased, remarketed or returned in the right condition. This helps our employees to only have a limited amount of interaction with the IT department during the entire lifecycle process.

What are the next steps in the partnership with CHG-MERIDIAN?

A Plaul: Automation is a particular area of interest for us. The objective here is to ensure even better integration of our current system landscapes. With using CHG’s asset management system, TESMA®, we are looking to improve the integration with our existing systems, including ServiceNow where we already track many of our processes.

What is your opinion of the partnership so far?

A Plaul: CHG goes to great lengths to incorporate customer feedback into its development work as early as possible. Looking back, selecting CHG as our partner was the right move for us. Optimising and automating our processes has helped us to take a step forward and free up time for what truly matters to us. Finally, we have also gained a partner that is willing to listen to our requirements and incorporate our feedback into future projects.

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"CHG-MERIDIAN is a partner that can respond to our needs and incorporate feedback into new solutions. CHG has helped us to streamline and automate internal processes, giving us more time to focus on what truly matters to our business."
Andreas Plaul, Head of ICT Services, The Haufe Group

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