CHG-MERIDIAN helps MANN+HUMMEL to equip its employees around the world with mobile devices and supports them with how to make the best use of new technology.

Upgrading MANN+HUMMEL's entire mobile phone fleet to IOS


MANN+HUMMEL is a German manufacturing group that was founded in 1941 as a family-owned company and has remained so until today. The MANN+HUMMEL Group is headquartered in Ludwigsburg within the metropolitan area of Stuttgart. The company develops, produces and distributes liquid and air filter systems, intake systems and thermal management components. 


In 2016 the MANN+HUMMEL group decided to move their mobile phone fleet completely to iOS, to replace their existing Windows fleet. The group were looking for a solution that could reduce their IT costs, and above all, provide a simple process so they could sell the whole experience to their employees. The group has 80 self-governing locations and wanted to avoid having ten different partners for one service. Lastly, the customer wanted a managed approach to be taken on the devices, including all security requirements and Apple DEP.


CHG-MERIDIAN provided a consistent process across all locations and sites and ensured the customer only had one partner for the entire project. The customer procures centrally, and the employer can select their device from the three models available. CHG set up the devices for the end-user and even fitted a screen protector and a MANN+HUMMEL case to every phone. CHG takes care of the entire packaging and shipping process, with the device being delivered to the customer fully prepped. Furthermore, CHG also provided support at the end of the lease term with certified data deletion and remarketing included. 

CHG's Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) ensured the customer had one central partner for all locations. CHG took control of the coordination and made sure the customer's demands were met. The entire solution is consolidated into one service price in the form of an operating lease. The customer receives a central invoice, which they pass on internationally. 

Image of a MANN & HUMMEL Office
“We wanted to standardise the procurement process for IT equipment so that it was the same at all our international sites. In CHG-MERIDIAN, we have a central contact who coordinates our ordering processes worldwide and makes billing efficient and transparent through a pay-per-use model.”

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