CHG-MERIDIAN provide Qolcom with a flexible solution to help grant them access to the latest mobile technology in addition to reducing their overall costs.

Qolcom uses CHG-MERIDIAN to implement modern mobile working

About Qolcom

Qolcom is a leading UK based integrator of secure wireless network and mobile device management solutions. Their solutions extend the power and performance of applications and services to the new, rapidly growing, mobile workforce.

Qolcom solutions enhance productivity, introduce new efficiencies and accelerate business response times making certain that wireless networks and mobile devices contribute to corporate success.


In 2017 Qolcom found themselves in the same position as many SME organisations in regards to their corporate mobile device estate and airtime agreements. Like many others, Qolcom has evolved as a business making use of the airtime providers hardware fund. This was suitable whilst the number of associated phone contracts was relatively small, but with the rapid growth of the business came the need for more contracts, and more devices. Typically, the hardware fund of the airtime provider didn’t keep pace with the number of connections to the contract, therefore the hardware fund wasn’t enough to cover the number of devices required, let alone mid-term additions and replacements.


Qolcom explored the potential of separating out the hardware from the airtime, vastly reducing costs with the airtime provider by over 50%. The hardware was then funded by a lease agreement with CHG-MERIDIAN. This afforded Qolcom the opportunity to refresh every device in the estate with the absolute latest iOS and Samsung devices to every employee, whilst still maintaining significant savings over the combined airtime agreement previously in place. This agreement also creates a workable refresh schedule every 2 years, keeping employees up-to-date working with the latest technology.

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