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Our group CIO, Oliver Schorer speaks to IT Business Magazine about digital transformation and how companies can ensure its successful implementation.

Digitalisation is the buzzword of our times. Do you see a correlation between digitalisation in general and an increase in mobile working? Can the two ideas feed off each other?

O. Schorer: Today, digitalisation is also used to refer to modern workplace arrangements and the ‘mobile workspace’. This means finding the best possible way of using digital technology to meet the needs of all users. Many employees want the flexibility to be able to work from home or when travelling. That’s why they want to be involved in designing their own mobile workspaces

When it comes to mobility in general and (mobile) digital workspaces specifically, what are the advantages for companies of systematically linking the topics of enterprise mobility and (mobile) digital workspaces?

O. Schorer: Flexibility is the keyword here too. At home, employees are used to being able to choose products and order them online. This should be available at work too – if the employee needs a new device, they should be able to order one via a self-service portal. This ensures that procurement processes are completely transparent to managers, while employees have a free choice because a range of devices is usually offered. Thus, companies can enable users to participate in the digital revolution. IT departments decide which hardware models, services, and apps they wish to offer, and employees have a say in which models and services they get for their next-generation workspace.

With regard to the aspects of digital transformation outlined above, where do you see the technical and organisational challenges coming from?

O. Schorer: End users generally request specific features for their mobile workspace from the IT department. These features are heavily influenced by what they use in their personal lives and are seen as the ‘minimum requirement’. IT departments will, therefore, have to implement requirements more quickly and efficiently in the future. Otherwise, they will quickly end up with the notorious ‘shadow IT’ situation. This can be very risky, not least in terms of data protection and compliance.

Oliver Schorer has been responsible for IT at CHG-MERIDIAN since 1999 and became the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the CHG-MERIDIAN Group in 2009. In 2013, Schorer became a member of the expanded Board of Management, and he has since driven forward the addition of new services to the CHG-MERIDIAN portfolio. Schorer has been the member of the CHG-MERIDIAN Board of Management responsible for IT and services since 2017.

Oliver Schorer, Member of the Board of Management, CIO

“Companies are embarking on digital transformation initiatives, but the workforce is teaching itself digital skills in a ‘parallel universe’.
It is up to companies to resolve these conflicting scenarios by offering their employees a suitable mobile workplace, i.e. by making devices, services, and infrastructure available at work and for personal use.”

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