Ensuring every stage of your technology’s lifecycle is covered

“In recent years the IT environment has become increasingly complex in most business settings. Multiple devices, managing a combination of hardware and software, an increasing focus on security and assets that are constantly evolving. Therefore, a technology lifecycle management solution is now more imperative than ever.”

What is technology lifecycle management?

Technology lifecycle management is the process of planning and managing each stage of the technology lifecycle. Our technology lifecycle management solution covers:


  • Analysis of your current working environment
  • A customised solution focused around your pain points



  • We can take care of and fully automate the procurement process, taking the stress off you and allowing your business to run more efficiently



  • Delivery and installation of the new assets to ensure your IT infrastructure is up and running correctly
  • Device set-up and configuration customised to individual requirements



  • 24/7 or 8/5 helpdesk support
  • Managing data backup and restoration
  • Protection against data loss
  • Asset care/buffer stock scheme ensures assets are available on demand



  • De-installation, packaging and collection of all of your assets
  • Collection available from multiple geographies
  • Transport them securely to our technology and service centre



  • Certified data erasure in line with your requirements
  • Blancco service, which is approved by the NCSC and BSI
  • Our service exceeds standards for the permanent erasure of digital information



  • Asset and financial management tool
  • Up-to-date invoicing and lease data
  • Makes flexible administration, financial control and accurate reporting all possible
  • Improved efficiency and endless possibilities of savings on internal costs


Financial Solutions

  • Flexible finance packages
  • All services bundled into one workspace cost
  • Simple monthly subscription for your technology
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Why is a technology lifecycle management solution important? What are the benefits to me?

In recent years the IT environment has become increasingly complex in most business settings. Multiple devices, managing a combination of hardware and software, an increasing focus on security and assets that are constantly evolving. Therefore a technology lifecycle management solution is now more imperative than ever.

Increased Flexibility:

Freedom to bundle a variety of assets be it, desktops, laptops, mobile phones, printers, servers etc. into one contract and one invoice structure. You are also free to combine different devices i.e. half of your users could have Android mobile phones the other half iOS – the same can apply to desktops and laptops with Windows and macOS.

Significant Cost Savings:

By utilising our subscription model and bundling all the service costs into one contract you can typically save up to 22% when compared to sourcing everything individually. Additionally, a technology lifecycle management solution allows you to be proactive rather than reactive when updating your kit and saves you from having to outlay huge sums of capital when you do decide to upgrade.

Increased Transparency:

Having all your costs tied together makes it significantly easier for you to calculate and keep track of your total spend. Via TESMA® you have access to a singular system that can provide you with an overview of all your devices, their locations and a comprehensive breakdown of cost centres.

Increased Productivity:

With a technology lifecycle management solution, you have already permitted for a refresh period, meaning your IT infrastructure is always up-to-date which in turn will result in less downtime for your end users. Furthermore, with a variety of support services available, you now have the power to get your users up and running again as quickly as possible if any issues do arise.


Above all, a technology lifecycle management solution aims to bring convenience and simplicity to the IT environment. The solutions purpose is to ease the burden on your IT department and essentially provide you with a full-service package. With our solution, you have one partner, one point of call, one person to touch base with - allowing you to get a quick update on any query. Overall a technology lifecycle management solution means you know exactly how much you’ll spend over a pre-set period of time. You’ll be able to plan budgets more accurately and effectively, forecast your expenditure, run your business more efficiently and finally attract and retain the top talent.

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