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Creating a digital workplace

We live in a digital era. Embracing the digital transformation is essential when it comes to creating a workplace that empowers your employees and boosts efficiency. The more focus you place on having high-quality technology within your business, the stronger your digital workplace will be, and the better your employees will perform.

The digital workplace is about helping your staff work more productively and collaboratively, improving your overall organisation and services in order to respond to evolving customer demands.

Digital transformation in the workplace

Digital transformation within your business should always be a key priority, and as such, something that evolves over time. If you fail to move on from old working practices, it can be detrimental for business and steer customers away to competitors who are working in a more efficient way.

This transformation not only includes providing your staff with the latest hardware and software on the market, but also your overall infrastructure and way of working. Remote working and the use of cloud technology is becoming increasingly important for digital businesses, as traditional ways of working become less attractive to the new stream of talent and potential employees coming through.

Access to operational data no longer needs to be restricted to office-based settings anymore, and with the help of Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Device as a Service models, you can align your new digital workplace and reap the benefits.

How to create a digital workplace

There are a number of ways to create a digital workplace. Here are some key tips we think you should follow:

Mobile working

Remote working is hugely important for organisations. Your team should be able to access their digital workplace whenever and wherever they are, allowing for a more flexible work structure that will help to improve productivity and staff retention.

Be responsive to change

To create a digital workplace that is transformational, you need to be responsive and adapt to technological advancements as they happen. If new technology or software arises that could improve efficiency in the long run, you need to ensure your staff feel confident using it rather than settling for older software.


Collaboration in the workplace is extremely important, especially if your team is working remotely. You need to invest in technology that allows your employees to work together wherever they are. You should also encourage social interaction through co-working platforms to build a positive digital workplace culture.

Empower your employees

Change can be difficult, especially if it involves learning new processes and applications. As a company, it’s important to build a strong learning culture and empower your employees with the training they need in order to be the best they can be at their role.

This is also important for staff retention, as employees who feel invested in will hold your business and their part of it in higher regard.

If you want to explore the ways in which your digital workplace can improve and transform your organisation, get in touch. Here at CHG-MERIDIAN, we provide organisations access to the latest IT technology with bespoke solutions that are flexible and affordable.

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