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Digital Workplace Solutions to Make Remote Working Simple

The digital workplace allows your employees to work remotely and securely, allowing them to collaborate with colleagues, service providers, and national and international customers. They are less restricted in terms of when and where they work and are no longer tied to fixed desks such as desktop workstations. Instead, they always have access to the latest technology, which is tailored to their individual needs. CHG-MERIDIAN shows you how this can work.

Uncomplicated remote working – what is the digital workplace?

The digital workplace is all about transforming the traditional norms of the working environment and should aim to provide your employees with an ever-evolving modern workplace. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, innovative apps, fast networks, and the latest software all play a crucial role in this. However, there more to consider than just simply providing the latest technology. With a digital workplace, your aim should be to create an agile, flexible, state-of-the-art working environment. One that allows your employees to choose their own devices, have access to the latest technology, work when and where they want and above all else, do their job better.

Access the digital workplace with CHG-MERIDIAN

Our solution combines any piece of IT hardware, with the additional services you need, rolled out to as many sites as required (nationally or internationally), with a pre-defined refresh period in place to ensure your IT estate is always up to date. All of this is then underpinned by tesma, which allows you to know what assets you’ve got, where they are, and how much they really cost you.

“Successful digital transformation requires more than innovative, technology-based offerings and business processes. The working environment has to fit the bill too.”
Oliver Schorer, CIO, CHG-MERIDIAN

Why use a digital workplace solution?

  1. Greater employee satisfaction – ensure you provide your employees with the best tools for the job
  2. It’s the little things that matter – fitting screen protectors and cases, pre-charging the battery of your device or recycling your packaging materials CHG has it covered
  3. Stress-free solution – we can take care of everything from transportation to personally handing out the devices to your workers
  4. Deliver your services more profitably – with a regular refresh cycle in place; your business will save money by always using the most up to date technology
  5. Improved security – alleviate your security concerns by consistently refreshing your it estate
  6. Peace of mind: a fully managed service – add on additional services as you require
Man in a suit with glasses working on a tablet

A self-service portal is a key driver of the digital workplace

Personalised remote working

More and more companies realise that technology is the basis for increasing the productivity of remote workers. Our solution allows for a regular refresh of your IT estate to ensure your devices are always the best in class.

Benefit from allowing your employees to choose their own device through a simple self-service portal. Whether they prefer a lightweight device for travelling or a high-performance laptop that can handle their work, their preferred choice is only a click away.

Introducing a self-service portal is a perfect addition to any digital workplace and is a great way to empower your employee's. It can create a positive user experience for the workforce, as young employees, in particular, want to have a say in which tools and devices they work with. They expect and often demand an uncomplicated and user-friendly order processes they are used to from large online retailers. CHG-MERIDIAN's self-service portal, tesma, can fulfil all the necessary requirements. Your employees get to choose from a pre-defined list of security approved devices, report incidents, order replacement hardware and much more. Your IT and HR teams can benefit from integrations into your active directory, in addition to automated ordering, approval and replacement processes. 

tesma Portal

Learn more about ways to increase employee acceptance in your company 

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Facts & Figures


83 %

of employees feel they do not need an office to be productive


44 %

of organisations are planning to accelerate their digital transformation plans


£ 8500

is how much companies can save annually for each employee that works remotely 50% of the time

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