Digital Signage

Digital Signage: The benefits and opportunities

As you plan your marketing strategy and the ways in which you want to get your message out to your intended audience, you should consider digital signage. Here, we explore the benefits and opportunities that digital signage can deliver.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a form of content that is displayed across several screens or displays to grab attention and deliver information. This smart way of presenting information can breathe a new lease of life into an environment and stop people in their tracks to engage with your content.

Whether you’re showcasing an advertisement, important news updates, or simply sharing relevant information you think your target audience will appreciate, investing in digital displays can completely transform how you communicate with people.

What are the benefits of digital signage?

More engaging

If you want people to stop and look at a sign, it needs to be attention-grabbing and interesting, and with digital signage you have the benefit of motion. Therefore, digital signs capture more views than traditional poster and product displays because the motion and movement naturally catch attention. This type of signage can even be used to attract a passer-by who might have never entered your store or office otherwise.

Change the display at a moment’s notice

The beauty of going digital is that you can instantly change and update items when you need to from one remote location. For example, if a large business across multiple locations wants to share information about a new product, sale or announcement, they can deploy it across all locations at the exact same time. This ensures brand identity is kept timely and consistent.

It can also be a useful tool if a company wants to quickly implement a new offer, remove information or update current information without the costly process of taking down traditional displays and printing new ones.

Improve digital and social media presence

Through digital signage, businesses can increase their presence and reach by displaying live social media feeds, online competitions or review incentives that will also attract people to their online platforms and website. Technology is a big part of our everyday lives, so it is important to continue to grow and expand ways of communicating with your customers and audience.


In the long run, investing in digital signage can be extremely cost-effective for your business. Firstly, it reduces the costs of printing, distribution and setting up traditional campaigns and advertising. It can also be a way for businesses to have an additional revenue stream. For example, a dentist or restaurant can use some of the space to advertise products or brands that complement their business.

Get more creative with campaigns

Digital signs unlock extensive creative freedom when it comes to communication with your customers. Through motion, sound and even interactivity, you can leave a lasting impression on your audience and provide real value.

Is digital signage right for me?

Digital signage can work for almost every business and capture 400% more views than static display (Intel Corp). From corporate and education environments to retail and restaurants, there’s a way digital signage can provide unique opportunities to communicate in a way you’re unable to with traditional signs.

Once you’ve got your hardware, you need to ensure the placement is correct. You need to find the right location and put it at a good height to ensure everything is visible and legible. You can then deploy your content in a matter of minutes and reap the benefits of increased views, sales and revenue.

Not using digital signage yet?

If you’re not yet using digital signage for your business, you should consider the benefits and opportunities it could provide.

Here at CHG-MERIDIAN, we offer a variety of digital signage solutions that allow you to seamlessly deploy captivating content in real-time, helping to promote products, services and content. From electronic shelf labels, medium format displays, and large format displays, we work with the market leaders in screen manufacturing to deliver high quality and reliable technology.

Keeping on top of the latest market trends and technologies, we provide an end-to-end approach that allows you to simply replace the old display with a new and improved model once you have completed your finance term. This means your digital signage will always be competent, reliable, and the best it can be.

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