How will technology impact law firms?

With the constant evolution in the world of technology, many industries are feeling the impact of change and the need to keep up with tech trends.

The law industry is no different, and many people believe artificial intelligence (AI) will have the most significant impact. From business models to resources and financial structures, technology will continue to have an influence and change the legal industry in many ways.

Law firms need to be innovative and keep up with the latest technology to prevent falling behind. Lawyers need to think and work differently, embracing how technology can improve the services they offer, rather than avoiding change and focussing on traditional business models.

Technology and law firms

Although some legal tech trends worry those in the industry, lawyers are certainly still needed, if not more than ever before with the new modern dilemmas our technological society faces. Here are just some of the way’s technology will impact law firms.

Mobility Solutions

Providing flexible working solutions for lawyers is important to attract and retain talent, which is why mobility solutions are more attractive than ever to law firms. Mobility solutions can be through the use of devices such as tablets, laptops and mobile phones, as well as cloud-based technology. This technology will allow lawyers to work anywhere at any time on a secure cloud-based IT infrastructure. Not only is this a great solution for working culture, but it also frees up the time of IT staff, improves processes and cost-efficiency. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI solutions use a predictive algorithm to essentially teach computers to carry out day-to-day tasks or search through data. It can handle repetitive tasks, read and interpret documents and even identify relevant results, saving lawyers valuable time. Although this reduces some of the lawyer’s work, it also provides more time to analyse and improve timescales for clients.


Many law firms have already automated numerous processes such as administrative tasks and billing. In the long-term automation is cost-effective, more efficient and saves time.

Law firms that stay informed and up to date with the latest legal-tech trends will be the most prepared for change and have the ability to take advantage of these new developments. Here at CHG-MERIDIAN, we have several information technology solutions that will allow you to focus on your law firm without worrying about falling behind.

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