Goglio benefit from CHG-MERIDIAN's bespoke, flexible financial solutions, which helps them to stay at the forefront of an ever-increasing digital world.

Complete IT portfolio management via one partner

About Goglio

The Goglio group is a world leader in flexible packaging systems and a partner of some of the most important global industrial companies. Today Goglio is a multinational company with 16 locations worldwide in the form of 9 manufacturing plants and 7 offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

The Requirement

The IT infrastructure at Goglio includes more than 500 workstations and contains various assets including desktops, laptops, smartphones and printers as well as a centralised data centre. Over the years the demands of a constantly growing international group meant that Goglio needed a different procurement strategy from the one they had used where everything was done from one location.

The Solution

The group were led to an operating lease model as it allowed them to reduce asset management and take a positive step from CAPEX to OPEX. However, Goglio originally approached this model through multibrand contracts with various partners on the market (including CHG). Although this strategy was initially successful, a new need arose – the need for everything to be managed by one single partner. Goglio were won over by CHG’s contractual flexibility and bespoke financial solutions that were tailored to the customer’s needs. Goglio is now able to manage leasing contracts, which are aligned with their procurement cycle and also linked to its vendor maintenance periods.

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"The most significant result of this project is undoubtedly the optimisation of our IT infrastructure. Budgeting is now simple as the cost of our assets is clearly defined, and the solution provides us with constantly updated technology, ensuring our IT estate is always up-to-date. The collaboration with CHG-MERIDIAN as the sole partner has helped us to save significant time and resource in terms of our administrative burden. Lastly, CHG's contractual solutions have provided us with a good level of flexibility based on our specific procurement requirements."
Paolo Carabelli, ICT Manager, Goglio

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