Miroglio Group

CHG-MERIDIAN's Enterprise Mobility Solution helps to future proof Miroglio's mobility strategy by taking care of the whole technology lifecycle.

Increased flexibility and up-to-date technology thanks to CHG-MERIDIAN

About Miroglio

Founded in 1947 Miroglio Group is an Italian industrial company operating in the textile and fashion fields. The group has a presence in 22 countries and employs 5,500 people.

The Requirement

Traditionally the company had always opted for a CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) model. However, Miroglio realised that the IT department should offer a dynamic service, that frees themselves from dealing with the maintenance of increasingly complex, time and resource consuming environments. As such Miroglio decided to adopt an OPEX (Operating Expenditure) model to provide increased flexibility whilst being able to refresh their IT on a regular basis.

The Solution

Thanks to the Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) Miroglio managed to find a single partner who could bring together the management of the assets, the finance, the maintenance and refresh of the assets. EMS provides flexibility and protection throughout the entire lifecycle, and with the mobile care option, CHG can guarantee the immediate replacement of the devices thanks to a swap in advance scheme. This covers all needs including those under warranty, those not under warranty and accidental damage. Finally, via TESMA® Miroglio has access to a web platform that provides them with simple financial and asset management information, helping to use the burden on the customer's internal administration and reporting.

Miroglio Group
“I am very satisfied with the cooperation between our companies thanks to the flexibility and transparency CHG can offer us from a technological and financial point of view. The EMS solution is a valuable tool for any companies mobile strategy thanks to its adaptable model to match the customer’s needs.”
Luciano Manini, Chief Technology Officer, Miroglio

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