CHG-MERIDIAN provide a complete printing solution that resulted in 20% cost savings in the consumables component alone for Rodenstock.

A tailored service to fit the customers printing fleet

About Rodenstock

Rodenstock is a German manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and glasses frames. The company, which was founded in 1877, is headquartered in Munich. It was a worldwide workforce of approximately 4,200 employees and is represented in more than 80 countries with sales subsidiaries and distribution partners.

The Requirement

The IT infrastructure, based in multiple locations, consists of about 70 workstations, 30 printers, 7 multifunction devices, as well as networking and telephone equipment. The customer had in the past used operating leases with a particular partner but had problems with the solution due to inflexibility, a lack of direct communication, management difficulties and manual asset management all contributing to the excessive use of time and resources.

The Solution

Rodenstock then turned to CHG-MERIDIAN for a complete printing Output Solution. CHG-MERIDIAN could offer a service tailored to the customers printing fleet, which included a base plus toner finance model, CHG’s asset management system (TESMA®) support services and consumables all included in a single fee. The base plus toner model, compared to the cost-per-page model, is characterised by the management of actually consumed toner, thus resulting in the best possible savings in both economic and operational terms with respect to logistics services and related technical assistance.

Rodenstock Logo
“We are really satisfied with the result of the output printing project – especially in terms of savings and flexibility. In fact, we have achieved savings of 20% in the consumables component alone. CHG-MERIDIAN was able to provide us with a truly flexible service, with no up-front payment flows and strong customer protection in the event of a disruption. These benefits are reinforced by CHG’s supplier guarantee and above all, the presence of a single contact person, which provides us with a partner who really listens to our input when it comes to solutions designed on the basis of our actual needs and company profile.”
Riccardo Rossi, IT & Infrastructure Manager, Rodenstock Italia

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