Unlock the value of your existing IT equipment with sale and leaseback

Our simple process allows you to raise cash by selling your existing assets to CHG.


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Have you tied up all your budget in ageing IT hardware? Unlock the equity that’s hiding in your existing IT estate

Our sale and leaseback programme is a simple financial solution, which allows you to raise cash by selling your existing equipment to CHG. How can this solution benefit you exactly? Well, this programme presents your institution with an influx of cash, while you retain all the benefits of usage, yet transfer the risk of ownership and disposal of the assets to us. There is zero disruption to you, no need to retrain staff on new equipment all while providing you with additional capital budget.

Benefits at a glance

  • Generate cash
  • Use the cash generated to fund other projects
  • Alignment of depreciation, usage and useful life
  • Clear projection of budget with a linear rental stream
  • Portfolio transparency via our in-house Asset & Contract Management system, TESMA®
  • Non-disruptive
  • Provides fixed known costs throughout the term
  • Potential to unlock extra cash savings
If your asset is less than 6 months old, we can potentially offer you 100% of the original asset’s value. If it's older than 6 months, we will pay the current fair market value of the asset.


Operating Lease

An operating lease is one of the most common types of agreements you can take advantage of. An operating lease allows for the use of an asset, but the lease term is short compared to the useful life of the asset. As a result, we take a residual value on the asset meaning the sum of the rentals will be typically less than the original purchase price.

Finance Lease

A finance lease is another common lease agreement you can utilise. A finance lease is typically a full payout agreement; this means that the sum of the rentals includes the entire capital cost of the equipment, plus the interest accrued. In this sense, a finance lease works in very much the same way as a loan, i.e. you will usually fully pay out the cost of the equipment during the lease period.

Deferred Payments

A great option to consider if you require an urgent supply of equipment, but don't have the necessary budget for the current financial year. With this solution, you can acquire your equipment today and defer payments to the following fiscal year.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Device as a Service (DaaS) or sometimes also known as Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is an innovative model that allows you to avoid the typical pain points of having major capital expenditure and long waits for an upgrade in assets. This model bundles the cost of the hardware and the cost of the lifecycle services into one single contract in the form of a monthly subscription. DaaS allows you to avoid costly cash purchases and keep your IT portfolio up-to-date with greater cost transparency. 

Enterprise Mobility Solutions (EMS)

CHG-MERIDIAN's Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) offers your institution a unique mobile strategy, which enables you to keep up-to-date with the latest technology while managing your assets from deployment to refresh. Our solution considers everything in the preparation phase from, charging the battery, placing the sim card and fitting screen protectors and cases. Right through to the end-of-life phase where we will collect the assets and securely transport them to our technology centre for data wiping. 


TESMA® is our in-house asset and contract management system designed to provide end-to-end transparency and reporting for your technology management from both a financial and technical standpoint. Allowing you to know what assets you’ve got, where they are, and how much they really cost you. 


"From the extra cash generated by the sale and leaseback agreement, we were able to bring forward our planned technology investments by 12 months! Our previous kit was already ageing and depreciating, so it made little sense for us to own the assets. With how quickly technology evolves nowadays, it made perfect sense for us to switch to a lease agreement with a pre-defined refresh period."
Director of IT, Local Authority

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