What is the 5G revolution?

Technology is constantly evolving. Now, finally, 5G has officially landed in the UK and is currently being rolled out to cities and towns throughout the country.

What is the 5G revolution?

Technology is constantly evolving. Now, finally, 5G has officially landed in the UK and is currently being rolled out to cities and towns throughout the country.  

This 5G revolution is paving the way for a whole host of new and exciting opportunities and capabilities for consumers, businesses and society at large.

What is 5G?

5G is the latest generation of wireless technology set to improve the world of digital communication and computing significantly. Capable of accommodating the rapidly increasing amounts of data we produce on a daily basis, as well as delivering lower latency, faster browsing, and the ability to encompass the Cloud, 5G has been developed to connect everyone and everything, including a whole host of everyday objects, machines, products and devices.  

Offering higher wireless performance and improved efficiency, one of the main advantages of 5G technology is that it dramatically improves and empowers the digital experience.  

What speed is 5G?

5G is fast, efficient and already making a huge difference to the digital world. Using higher radio frequencies than 4G, 5G uses frequencies around 3.4 gigahertz (GHz). 

But how much faster is 5G than 4G?  5G is around 10 times faster than 4G and has been expertly developed to work at average speeds of 150-200Mbps. To put this into perspective, this speed would allow you to download a full HD film in as little as three minutes. So, it’s easy to see why the world is excited about 5G!  

What is the difference between 4G and 5G?

One of the main differences between 4G and 5G is the speed, which can also help to limit congestion so that devices can run more seamlessly. 

Another difference is that 5G provides a ground-breaking gateway for the Internet of Things-connected world, allowing more devices to work reliably, securely and uninterrupted – all in the same area. This, in turn, can greatly improve efficiency across a diverse range of industries and sectors.  

What cities is 5G in?

5G is already being rolled out in cities up and down the country, with consumers and businesses starting to reap the many benefits that come hand in hand with this innovative technology. 

Here are some of the UK cities that already have access to 5G:

  • London  

  • Edinburgh 

  • Aberdeen 

  • Birmingham 

  • Belfast 

  • Manchester 

  • Cardiff 

  • Bath 

  • Bristol 

  • Chelmsford 

  • Coventry 

  • Leicester 

  • Liverpool 

  • Oxford 

  • Plymouth 

  • Glasgow 

  • Leeds 

  • Newcastle 

  • Nottingham 

  • Wakefield  

  • Wolverhampton

What is the advantage of 5G?

5G offers a whole host of advantages when compared to 4G, including greater speeds, a greater capacity to accommodate remote execution requirements, lower latency and the option to implement effective virtual networks.  

Other advantages of 5G wireless technology include: 

  • Improved peer to peer communications 

  • Better gaming experiences 

  • Improved car technology 

  • Evolution of IoT 

To find out more about 5G and the impact it could have on your business operations, please get in touch.  

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